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Is there temp relief for PF

Posted by ART on 7/05/04 at 03:18 (154513)

Hi all, just found this site and I'm pretty excited about it. I'm up against the wall on something and I'm really hoping someone out there has a solution. Here's my problem. I have PF in my right foot. However, I'm 54 and have been training pretty hard for my first and only attempt to climb Mt Whitney at the end of August (approx 15,000 feet and 22 miles round trip. Today I climbed a local So Calif. mountain (only 1,500 feet) I went up from the east side and down the west side. I then turned around and climbed up from the west side and back down the east side. It took me 3 1/2 hrs to do what amounted to an 8 mile hike. Today's hike totally paled in comparison to what lies ahead with Mt. Whitney yet after it was over, I was limping so badly I could barely step on the gas pedal. Within 2 hours of getting home, I couldn't put any weight down on my foot. Right now it's 12 hours later and I'm still hopping from room to room.

I'm soooo committed to making this Mt. Whitney hike. Not to mention others are flying in from out of state to meet up with me. I don't want to cancel this climb before I even begin. Now I plan to get treatment from a Podiatrist real soon, however, what I need from any of you out there is a glimmer of hope. Hope that there is something TEMPORARY like a cortisone shot or anything that could help ease the pain long enough for me to be able to make the August climb. I'm pretty desperate right now and worried that my Mid-Life Crisis is going to come and go before I even had a chance to act on it. -Thanks-

Re: Is there temp relief for PF

Carlos N. on 7/05/04 at 21:14 (154561)


There's plenty you can do to get some temporary relief, but the best advice is to rest and stay off your injured foot. Save your climb for some other day. A cortizone shot may help you for a few weeks but it's not the cure all. I say this because so many on this board will tell you that dealing with your PF is a priority and you should not ignore the symptoms or pain.

Besides rest, you should ice, elevate your right foot when possible and take ibuprofen for the pain. Massage your foot and read the info on this site that includes stretches for your injured foot. Many swear by Birkestock Arizona sandals as a great way to bring long-term relief. Night splints are also very popular, too.

I hate to discourage you, but take it from someone who ignored all the classic symptoms. Mt. Whitney will be there in 6 months. If you take the cortizone shot and then do the climb you may regret it later. However, should you go ahead with your climb, make sure you nurse that foot very carefully and do an aggressive ritual to cure your PF so you don't end up worse.

Good luck.

Re: Is there temp relief for PF

ART on 7/06/04 at 01:32 (154581)

Carlos, thanks so much for responding. Coincidentally 4 hours ago I was heading over to our local pharmacy to get some cloth tape to tape up my foot when I ran across a friend who's an avid runner. I told her what I was dealing with and explained that I had to be ready to attempt the Mt Whitney hike at the end of August. She said she never had PF but she knew several people who had. She looked down at my sandals and said, very authoritatively, 'why are you not wearing Birkenstock's?' Needless to say, tomorrow I will buy a pair.

What I failed to mention in my post was in 3 days I'm flying to Atlanta and my wife and I will rent a car there and drive up the East coast and into NY stopping along the way for some sight seeing and lots of walking. Now I know I must stay off my foot as much as possible, but not only is my wife expecting to be able to walk around Wash DC, NY, Atlantic City etc, but I absolutely have to continue to train for Whitney. I know I can't run, but I want to at least get on treadmils and do some power walking where I'm not pounding my foot into the ground on every step. In any event, no matter what I do, it's going to require I use my right foot to do it.

Carlos, I understand your philosophy, Mt Whitney will be there in 6 months, but, I absolutely have to do it in August. Like I said, others are counting on me and though I'm sure they'd understand with a little disappointment if I had to back out, I personally would be distraught at the thought of backing out now.

What I want to do is make a concerted effort to stay off my foot as much as possible and when ever I do get on it, I intend to be gentle. I've been reading this site all day and got lots of good info. For the next 7 weeks I intend to stretch it properly each morning before I hop out of bed. I will ice it 3 or more times a day I'll buy Birkenstocks tomorrow, I'll also start wearing the orthotics I was given and stopped wearing 3 yrs ago for a similar injury that just appeared then disappeared on it's own. I intend to tape it up daily and massage it whenever time permits. I also bought a nice large bottle of 200 mg Ibuprofin. Now, that being said, do you think there is a possibility that by the end of August,the pain and inflamation may have subsided enuff to allow me to make this climb? -ART-

Re: Is there temp relief for PF

Dorothy on 7/06/04 at 02:15 (154583)

Foot Trainers, yoga (e.g. Yoga for the Rest of Us - Amazon.com - easy, gentle, good result for feet - IMHO),Ice. The taping is good idea, per lots of people here - see Scott's method.

Re: Is there temp relief for PF

Carlos N. on 7/06/04 at 21:17 (154689)


I'm not a doctor. The only one who will be able to answer that question is you. Your body will let you know if you will be able to climb Mt. Whitney.

Best of luck to you.


Re: Is there temp relief for PF

Ellen D on 7/08/04 at 17:47 (154880)

I am not a doctor, so am not really making any recommendations, but just sharing my experience. I had PF in one of my feet for over 2 years. I didn't even know what PF was, but finally went to a podiatrist because it was hurting so much. I got a cortisone injection and, believe it or not, it apparently completely 'cured' my problem. That was 13 years ago and I have never had a recurrence, even with literally years of doing step aerobics, etc. So, there is always the possibility that this 'temporary' measure might help - possibly for even the long term, as it did for me. Having said that, I got PF in my other foot a couple years ago, got the same injection and it did absolutely no good. So, minimally, I'd suggest you try to get an injection. To the best of my recollection on this board, there haven't been situations where this made matters worse.

Re: Is there temp relief for PF

John King on 7/17/04 at 17:47 (155705)

If your PF becomes chronic you won't be walking much less climbing mountains. I say this from 20 years of experience with this disease. Fix the feet and worry about mountain climbing later. Read some of the posts from those who are now crippled up from PF. I am 54 as well and have lived my life but some of these posters are in the 20's and can't walk. Think about what your life will be like in 10 years if you can't walk.

Re: Is there temp relief for PF

raymond m,l. on 8/07/04 at 11:02 (157142)

i had planter fascittis for 3 years i finally went into surgery 2 mo ago if i knew what i knew now i would i not needed this surgery you fix yhe problem asap if not your have pain like you never knew and it can screw up your back also and maby your never clime that mountain thare a 90% chance of fixing that foot without surgery if you see a good foot doctor not pcf doc and do it now picture yourself climeing that mountain then picture yourself walking with a cane