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Donna H-suggestions for post.tibial tendinitis after tts surgery?

Posted by Margie B on 7/05/04 at 11:55 (154532)

Donna H,
I read your posts describing the same condition I've been dealing with for several months. I had TTS surgery 12/03 and was doing fairly well until new pain developed from what was diagnosed as posterior tibial tendinitis.
I am so discouraged and frustrated. The area above my ankle is swollen and sometimes I feel a 'prickly' pain. My heel hurts too from the bottom of the incision to the heel. My other foot is hurting and having TTS symptoms probably because I often stand on one foot due to pain!
Please let me know how you are doing and any ideas you have to treat this very painful condition. It sounds like you have been through hell.
Margie B