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Posted by Tom H on 7/05/04 at 17:41 (154549)

I am in my early 60's with a thin build and have not had any serious health problems. About 10 years ago the bottoms of both feet became very tender in the metatarsal areas (while overworking them by pulling a heavy load for about a half mile). I have always had very wide feet and lax joints. More recently I also developed large (familial) bunions...which seem asymptomatic). I used to do alot of springboard diving and running up on down stairs two or 3 steps at a time...but never had pain then. Once the problem started I've had no relief. I've tried 'prescription orthotics', all sorts of OTC othotics, and have had the best relief with LIQUID-gel soles coupled with Spenco cushions all in an extra-wide shoe with a Vibrim sole. (Regular shoes just kill my feet!) The foot doc's say that I have lax foot ligaments, and that my foot spreads out when weight is put on it, causing pain. They don't think that surgery would help. If I try to walk at a regular pace, even with all the padding, my feet are sore after a few blocks, so I bike or ride as much as possible, but I would really like to be able to walk for a couple of miles a day with out pain. Any Suggestions?

Re: "metatarsalgia"

Dr. Z on 7/05/04 at 19:46 (154556)

Do you have hammer toes?

Re: "metatarsalgia"

Tom H on 7/06/04 at 19:21 (154670)

I don't think so. Although my 2ed, 3rd, and 4th toes are not perfectly flat, there is no permanent protrusions of the toe joints superiorly and no callouses superiorly, altho there are small callouses on the bottom of the distal joints on all 3 toes. Because of the bunions however, my big toes have rather large callouses medially and the big toes point laterally (worse on the left foot) and do crowd the second toe. The callouses on the bottom of the 1st-4th toes could be in part because of my tendency at times to 'tent' my toes to help take the pressure/pain off of my metatarsal area when I am standing and walking. Tom H