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Shower Shoes Continued

Posted by Dorothy on 7/06/04 at 00:38 (154580)

For all those who have been inquiring about shower shoes of late:
http://www.BirkenstockCentral.com has several waterproof sandals shown. There are models 'Caribbean' for $34.95, 'Pacific' for $34.95 and 'Super Noppy' for $49.95 (this model is one of those with the little nobby nobs on the insole that are always called 'massaging' nobs - but they look uncomfortable to me...to each his/her own; the others are standard sandals.) There are also the waterproof models previously mentioned: 'Haiti', 'Aruba', 'Sansibar' -
This info. might help you get started as to what is available. These are not the only brands/models available and these can sometimes be found for lower cost.
Hope this info. helps.

Re: Shower Shoes Continued

Cyndi on 7/12/04 at 15:19 (155204)

Thanks Dorothy,
These sound really nice.
I have been using a handtowel rolled up to stand on in the shower, but, these would be very nice for a trip to the pool, etc.