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Posted by Sher A on 7/06/04 at 17:58 (154657)

Hi all,
After giving up on ever being able to walk normal again, I crawled back into my shell. Nothing worked at all. I was thinking that PF is not even a podiatrist problem even though it happens in the feet. Last week I visited my pod for what I figured was the last time since he could do no more for me other than surgery. I was thinking why have surgery, when for one day last month the pain was completely gone, but only to return even worse than before. When he suggested Celebrex I laughed. There are a lot of aches and pains that Celebrex doesn't do a thing for, but what really and truly surprised me is that it is working on my poor feet! I swear, when the pain started subsiding I thought it'd be for a day or so, then come back. But it's been 3 days now that the pain has gotten down to a minor annoyance, and I can walk again - normally. I feel like I have my life back and can enjoy it again. Yes, it still hurts when I step out of bed, but then it starts going away. He told me I could take 2 a day, but it seems to be working with 1 a day. I'm almost afraid to say this, for fear that it will just return again, like the teaser it is. Boy can PF ever get one down and just tear at you. I don't think anyone can understand the pain until they experience it. I'm sure not laughing at Celebrex anymore, that's for sure.

Re: Celebrex

Mel on 7/06/04 at 20:31 (154679)


I can completely empathize with your statement about no one truly understanding, and how it gets you down. I was in the same place this weekend. Chronic pain makes a person so much 'not themselves'...and definitely no fun to be around. When friends/relatives make suggestions on places to go and things to do...I just get even more frustrated. I WANT to do these things, they look like fun. But the price to pay is too high...namely PAIN!! SO I sit on my butt and wait for this pain to get better.

Thanks for heads up on the Celebrex. I have been on Vioxx, maybe its time to change.

I am making myself do all the stretches, non weight bearing ones, and am hoping this will lead to some sort of relief. I can hardly imagine what it would be like to stand in line and have no pain. I am really hating the gocery store these days...but ya gotta eat!

Healing thoughts coming your way....and fingers crossed that the Celebrex continues to help you.


Re: Celebrex

Janice N on 7/07/04 at 11:09 (154734)

When I think it or Bextra doesn't work go without it for a few wks and you find maybe it did after all.
Celebrex worked for me with other things when I first started taking it. I was so excited. Some times like anything you have to take something else for a while and go back to it. When I had the ESWT done and couldn't take it I sure did miss it. I am so glad it is giving you such good relief. And you are so right. You have to experience PF like other types of pain to understand. Even with other kinds of pain I have PF sure grabs your attention. Can put you in a real ugly mood and depression it hurts sooooo very bad. Take care of yourself and those feet of yours.

Re: Celebrex

Liam on 7/07/04 at 21:59 (154813)

Keep your eye on your blood pressure mine went up after using celebrex, and I'm having a hard time bringing it down even after I stopped. (yes it was normal before celebrex)
Ciao Liam