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Thank You Ladies

Posted by Leona on 7/07/04 at 07:46 (154714)

I want to thank Terri, Marsha G., Dorothy, Susan S., Janice N., & Pauline for all their helping me with my injury. You girls are the best. Thanks so much. Leona

Re: Thank You Ladies

Pauline on 7/07/04 at 11:13 (154737)

You're worth every bit of help you recieved. I just not so sure the others want their names in the same sentence as mine.

God bless and wishes for much better treatment and a speedy recovery.

Re: Thank You Ladies

Leona on 7/07/04 at 17:49 (154796)

Thank you Pauline, I'll put my name with yours anytime.

Re: Thank You Ladies-to Pauline

Leona on 7/09/04 at 09:06 (154914)

Here is my name with your Pauline, thanks. LEONA