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A day out

Posted by Janice N on 7/07/04 at 11:27 (154744)

I was going just nuts being in this apt. yesterday.
Ready to just scream!!!!! So a friend and neighbor came over and we decided to go to Burger King. Yes this is a big outing for me. So I walked across the street to the bus top. My friend is in a wheelchair but she was going to go a block further so I can sit in the shade to wait for the bus. I had to call her back and say I can't walk that far. So I waited on a bench under a tree. Cooler than those bus shelters anyways. We didn't have to be on the bus but a few minutes. Then walk about a block to BK. Well I was so glad to be out I said lets go to Payless as she needed some shoes. She was shocked as I usually can't make it that far. I had to stand for at least 15 minutes to wait for a bus. Then a block to another bus. Then walk another block.
Then we went to a resale shop for something else she needed. We couldn't catch the bus on that street and had to walk 2 1/2 blocks further to wait because of course the bus we just missed. Then had to walk another block when we got off that bus. Now it is not that really a big of deal if you don't have PF and a host of other problems. I must say the walk to the bus to come home and to my buildiing was not easy. It was a major effort to put one foot in front of the other. Plus it was 90 degrees out side. I get right up to the door when my worse foot cramps. Of course my feet hurt last night but they do every night. But today not so bad and I am just shocked. Some days there is just no explaining it. I can be off them for days at a time and want to yell the pain is so bad. But I thank God for being able to get out yesterday.
Because it doesn't happen often. We got in an hr before the heavy rain came. As ot as it was I don't think I would have minded getting wet. I watched my friend with me as she rolls her chair. Ad I wondered if her arms hurt as bad as my feet. She is too indepedent to let you help her very often. We sure had a good time just eatting burgers out.

Re: A day out

Place on 7/07/04 at 12:07 (154756)

I know this may sound strange but prior to my treatment with Dr. Sandell, I got a wheel chair! It gave me so much freedom, I could not believe it. Granted I had to have a friend got with me shopping but I could shop as long as I wanted or go see an art expo. If my arms got tired, my friend loved pushing me. It was great!

Re: A day out

John from MN on 7/07/04 at 14:23 (154774)

Why don't you sell your wheel chair on Ebay now?