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Posted by john h on 7/07/04 at 11:35 (154747)

I have no idea what the PF program is or about but thought I would throw it out there. It may even be ScottR trying to make a $---


Re: ??????

John from MN on 7/07/04 at 11:39 (154748)

Another scam to come our way. If you can not talk openly about the solution of curing PF then I would not give it the time of day.

Re: ??????

The Management - Scott R on 7/07/04 at 11:40 (154749)

it looks like a scam to get your email address for spam purposes

Re: ??????

Tim M on 7/07/04 at 17:55 (154798)

Now, if they were willing to give a money-back guarantee, I would be willing to risk a throw-away-email-address and a Paypal payment.

I don't see that there. I agree, most likely a scam.

- T