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sas shoes

Posted by Linda V. on 7/07/04 at 18:58 (154806)

i feel dumb for asking, but what does sas mean? is there a special shoe for us pf people? all i know about are the good arch support sneakers with a superfeet liner. i may try a pair of birks soon. people order them from germany? is it that much cheaper to be worth it?
new to pf...last february..although it already feels like years.
thanks for the info.

Re: sas shoes

Dorothy on 7/07/04 at 19:14 (154807)

San Antonio Shoes

Re: What are San Antonio Shoes

Linda V. on 7/10/04 at 08:26 (155023)

Ok..you told me what it stood for..but I have never heard of these shoes. Where do you get them? What are they? Are they better than good arch support athletic sneakers with the superfeet insert?
I would do or buy ANYTHING to get rid of this problem.

Re: What are San Antonio Shoes

Janice N on 7/10/04 at 10:24 (155042)

I have bought these shoes but it was years ago.
Only shoe my mother could wear the last ten yrs of her life. Her feet were so swollen. She bought sandals year round. She could always find what she needed. They last a long time and worth the money like Birks. They fit really well too. And the people that work in the store try hard to see they do fit.
Mom bought Nauralizers before that. I liked them but had a hard time wearing them for some reason. I turned my ankle alot in the last pair I had.
I have a pair of shoes that are Clarkes that do pretty well. Sandal type and of course no back to touch my painful heel. And it has a higher heel which I need. Not a bad price at 30 something.

Re: What are San Antonio Shoes

Dorothy on 7/11/04 at 03:08 (155094)

Linda V - If you enter 'SAS' in the search messages area on this site and/or if you read in the Shoes/Insoles/Orthotics category here, you will find lots and lots of information about SAS shoes. It might be an easier way to start than waiting/hoping for a thorough answer to your questions.
Then if you still have questions, I am sure you can get more information here.

Re: SAS shoes information...

Suzanne D. on 7/12/04 at 08:47 (155150)

Linda, I used the search feature here which Dorothy mentioned to you and found an old post of mine which I am pasting below. I hope some of the information might be helpful to you:

As for SAS shoes, they are San Antonio Shoes, made in Texas. They are not sold or advertised on the internet. They are sold in specialty shoe stores, stores that advertise shoes for diabetics and nurses, and small, family-owned shoe stores like the one where I buy mine. In the phone book, my store advertises that they carry SAS shoes. They make, among many styles, tie-up shoes for men (Time Out) and for women (Free Time) which have helped several of us who have PF. The shoes are supportive and have thin, removeable insoles which, when removed, accomodate orthotics. The toe box is deep as well.

For those who have been inquiring about how to find SAS shoes, I have looked up this address and phone number. This information appeared in material which came with my shoes:

'If you have any questions about SAS products or where to find them, we will be glad to help you at the SAS Casa Department, 1717 SAS Drive, San Antonio, TX 78224. (210) 921-7415.'
I will also mention that SAS shoes look very much like 'Soft Spot' shoes, if you are familiar with them. I have never had a pair of Soft Spots, but the pictures I've seen look very similar.

As for your question about Birks. Yes, they are expensive, but many of us have found them to be so helpful that the expense is worth it. I have bought in a store, ordered from Birkenstock Express, and also ordered from Germany. Yes, the prices there make it very worthwhile - I bought a pair of Annapolis for $80-something with the regular price here being around $150. I think now they may be closer to $100 to order. The only down side is waiting for them to arrive.

If I can help you with any more questions, I'll be glad to try.

Suzanne :)

Re: sas shoes

AndyO on 7/12/04 at 11:26 (155170)

SAS means 'San Antonio Shoes'

Re: What are San Antonio Shoes

Rose on 7/12/04 at 22:32 (155263)

I have only worn SAS lace shoes , Birks, and New Balance shoes for the past two years. I only wear the SAS when I am dressing up a little, as they do not give me the support that the New Balance shoes do. The New Balance shoes, both walking and running with the roll bar and very very excellent in stabilizing the feet. The 1122 look huge but are very good.

Re: SAS shoes information...

Rose on 7/12/04 at 22:35 (155264)

Also, SAms stores have Birks for $40.00. Our store here has about 8 different styles. So I have one pair dedicated to yard work and around the pool. They get wet and work just fine.