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bottom of feet color

Posted by shelia on 7/08/04 at 09:21 (154842)

i have black part of skin on my big toe under the skin it does not hurt or anything an my feet is not damaged in any other way just this dicoloration which is black under my skin any suggetions as to what it might be

Re: bottom of feet color

Pauline on 7/08/04 at 18:55 (154883)

I'm not a doctor, but I personally think it would be very difficult to provide you with a diagnosis based strictly on your post. One reason is because what you describe as black someone like a doctor actually looking at the spot might say it was blue.

I think you get what I mean. If your uncertain about any medical condition you really need to be seen by a doctor. I think this is the best answer to your question.

My medical disclaimer:
I am not a doctor and the above post is strictly my personal opinion.

Re: bottom of feet color

Dr. David S. Wander on 7/08/04 at 19:16 (154885)


Black under the skin can be as simple as some dry blood to something as serious as a melanoma. Obviously, this can not be diagnosed over the internet, and is probably something simple. However, this must be evaluated by a doctor, and if the doctor has any concerns a biopsy is mandatory.