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post op open planter release release

Posted by raymond m,l. on 7/08/04 at 11:50 (154854)

post op open planter release its been 33 days sence surgery im 44 5 ft 6 190pd and im having pain in surgery area on one to 10 1 is less im about 4 the pain is only from surgery please reply am i on track for recovery

Re: post op open planter release release

Rich on 7/08/04 at 13:43 (154861)

Hi Raymond

I have had PF for a year now. I will be trying ESWT in a few months, but I have also discussed surgery with my pod. He prefers the open method in favor of EPF. He syas that the incision is not much bigger, and he can see more of what he is doing with the open procedure. I have only read posts from people who had EPF, so I am very interested in your open procedure.

Does your pod/surgeon prefer the open method for the same reason as I described? How did it feel after surgery. What did your doc say was the expected recovery time?

If anyone else has any info or experience on the open method, please post.

Good luck for a speedy recovery, Raymond.