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Not Bio-mechanical & not Nerve, so what is it?

Posted by Vern S. on 7/08/04 at 14:32 (154867)

After a 2 month wait I got a thorough exam (NCV & EMG) from a veteran Neurologist today. His conclusion is the cause of the pain is not nerve related.
I was referred to him because the DPM concluded it was not bio-mechanical.
Would appreciate any general thoughts, and comments on his parting two thoughts:
1. Maybe it is related to muscle cramping, or
2. Maybe ankle instability, and consider wearing boots.
Backgound: 2 1/2 years of pain and burning in varying parts of both feet.
No first step pain, rather worse as the days unfolds. Thanks.

Re: Not Bio-mechanical & not Nerve, so what is it?

Pete R on 7/09/04 at 12:31 (154947)

You are the replica of me. Scans, x rays and nerve tests are normal. Look forward to seeing what the doc's say