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Diabetes and Heel Spur

Posted by Wayne C. on 7/08/04 at 22:50 (154899)

Is the treatment for heel spurs or plantar fischiatis any different for patients with diabetes?

Re: Diabetes and Heel Spur

Dr. David S. Wander on 7/09/04 at 07:26 (154906)


The treatment protocol for diabetic patients with plantar fasciitis should not really change. Naturally, it must be determined if it is true plantar fasciitis or if there are complications such as diabetic neuropathy contributing to the discomfort. If it has been determined that it is truly plantar fasciitis, the treatment protocol should be the same. However, the use of cortisone injections should ALWAYS be used cautiously, especially in a diabetic patient. Cortisone can interfere with blood glucose levels. Discuss your concerns with your doctor.