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success story??

Posted by RonB on 7/09/04 at 17:08 (154992)

I haven't posted any messages for several months,because nothing had changed with my PF. I was slowly getting better.
A while back somebody asked if anyone had a success story?? Well I HOPE I do!!!! I've had PF for almost two years. I haden't been happy with my pod, so I went to one recommeded by a friend. Boy what a DIFFERENTS between the two! like night and day!! This guy took x-rays,gave me a night split,gave me a velcro brace that went around my ankle with a strap that went under my heel for support. showed me a new exercise.gave me an anti-flammatory, BUT the KEY I think, was a shot of Dexamethasone (sp?) he said the shot would last about a week. I went in a week later for another shot, then took off the next day for TWO weeks in Mazatlan. I walked all over the palce in my New Balances and I walked for HOURS (not at one time) on the beach with NO pain at ALL !! I mean NO pain!! I have been back to work (on my feet) for two weeks still with NO pain!
So is this a success story?? I sure HOPE so!!!!!! the thickness of my fascia on my left foot is still 7.mm and my pod don't like that BUT I am still pain free!! I still ice twice a day and streach and take an anti-inflammatory.
SO there is hope for those of you that are still suffering from PF pain.
I did have ESWT back in Dec of 2003, maybe that had some to do with it

Re: success story??

RonB on 7/09/04 at 17:10 (154993)

Forgot to mention when I walked on the beach, I was BAREFOOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Re: success story??

gail on 7/09/04 at 18:12 (155001)

Congratulations! Ron B.
I am really happy for you. It does sound like a success story. Also, that second podiatrist of yours looks more knowledgeable about treatments. I too am not pleased with my pod. He never mentioned about night splints, braces.
For the sake of all the readers out there looking for a good podiatrist would you post his name and what city we can find this person? Good day! GAIL M

Re: success story??

Steve G on 7/09/04 at 18:51 (155009)

Ron - if this is the Ron from down the road, I am glad to hear it. I hope that the trend continues. Is the new pod you found in the Bothell area?

Re: sweet!

Marty in SLC on 7/09/04 at 23:19 (155017)

sweet ron you may have your life back! thanks for posting the news.

Re: success story??

Sherry on 7/11/04 at 08:48 (155099)

Dear Ron,

How can I find someone like this?


Re: success story??

Rose on 7/12/04 at 22:14 (155257)

Do you know anything more about that velcro brace? I would like to find out about that.