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Should have known better

Posted by Janice N on 7/10/04 at 10:16 (155040)

I went for my follow up appointment with my pain dr for other pain related problems besides my feet.
So I told him I had the ESWT almost 11 wks etc. That I would send him the report from the podiatrist for his records of my xrays. I asked for a referal to a dr for Nerve Conduction Studies. He tells me someone he really likes. Of course they are clear across town but oh well. So he says you just can't be a walk in so would you like me to write you an order? I said okay as I just wanted to see who he would suggest and also will talk to the podiatrist and decide when and if. So he is supposed to write the order for the test and to do it to the right foot and he will put foot pain down. Well I leave and then read the order. It said the diagnosis is Fibromyalgia and didn't say where to do the test. Now this order is useless. I am not having this test done because of my muscular pain which is all over. And you know Medicare is not going to accept this or a guess as to what part of the body to do the test. If you can't read a prescription or a drs order you are in trouble. Seems like you hardly ever walk out the drs office anymore without needing your prescriptin rewritten or some order written wrong or not written at all. I waited an hr and 1/2 to see the dr for two minutes and I kid you not.
So I will see the podiatrist and decide to do a second ESWT and do nerve conduction later for other foot problems. Most of pain is the back of the heel now. The bottom of my foot feels better.
With that big monster bone growing out of it.

Re: Should have known better

Kathy G on 7/13/04 at 08:43 (155282)


I'm sorry to hear of your problems. It must be so frustrating, especially after waiting so long to see the doctor! It's like like he told you one thing and wrote another.

I hope you have better luck with the Podiatrist.