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Arch support

Posted by Janice N on 7/10/04 at 10:35 (155044)

Well there went five bucks down the potty.
I wENT to the local drugstore and bought one those elastic bands that you slip over your foot for support. It was one of those days. Got home and it wasn't in the bag. tlked to three persons on the phone. The uninterested manager said he can't find it at the cahs register. Of course not. I am sure it was in the second bag and the lady next in line found it in her bag when she got home. Anyway it was 90 plus degrees out and I was not walking back to that store on my feet. So two days later I have my home provider to go in her car. I try it on and what munchkin it was supposed to fit I don't know. My feet are size 8 1/2- 9 but not a huge wide foot. I was so anxious to find a little support something that didn't see it was one of those one size fits nothing things. I never dreamed they would make a foot support too small. I could use it on my wrist for support if my wrist wasn't so swollen. Ended up giving it to my friend in the wheelchair to use for support if she ever needed one for her arm. I bet I take my glasses next time. I didn;t expect greatness for five bucks and I sure wasn't disappointed. lol

Re: Arch support

Richard, C.Ped on 7/12/04 at 15:02 (155199)

Hi Janice,
Just to throw in my opinion. Those elastic devices are pretty much only good for non weight bearing support. Say if you were to be at home with your legs proped up or something like that. They will not support you when you stand and put weight on it.

It is good that it was only five dollars I guess. ;)

Re: Arch support

Anne L on 7/12/04 at 18:25 (155230)


I had the same problem with a one-size-fits nothing Arch Support band. The band was about 7 inches around, and it did not fit well, hurting my foot further. Larger sizes are only sold online.

So, I put the band back in the opened package and returned it to Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart took it back without a problem, and they refunded the full amount of about five dollars back to me.

For all future purchases, if you do not mind going back to the store, you should be able to get a full refund back for the item in its original packaging with the sales receipt and within in the return period, especially when the item says one-size-fits-all (or one-size-fits-most) and it does not fit.

If the stores in your neighborhood are not as flexible, ask for store credit or ask to exchange it for something else. It does not hurt to complain a little bit. Customer Satisfaction and Service is important.

Re: Arch support

Dorothy on 7/12/04 at 22:28 (155260)

Richard - Now that is good, solid advice! Thank you for this. I have wondered about those things myself. But I have this question: why are they different from taping in this regard??
Thanks again.

Re: Arch support

Richard, C.Ped on 7/13/04 at 08:08 (155277)

I might get jumped on about this, but I am not a fan of taping either. Yes, it might support better than the elastic, but unless you get that sucker tight as heck, you are still not supporting the fascia well. You need solid support under the arch to keep the fascia from stretching. That means bringing the ground up to the foot.

Re: Arch support

Janice N on 7/14/04 at 20:41 (155464)

You know I would have been happy to wear it in bed. But that little bugger just didn't fit. haha
Thanks for the info.

Re: Arch support

Janice N on 7/14/04 at 20:49 (155467)

Did I ever get on my high horse. I tell you what ever happened to custmers satisfaction? Walgreens does big business in our city. Stores very close together. A new CVS is opening hopefully by the end of the yr across the street from us. So gives 160 persons in my building alone a choice. So if you get mad or not satisfied you just take your business elsewhere. It used to be management really tried to make you happy but not anymore. Now the stores just act like you are bothering them. I will be more careful what I buy. It was just one of those bad foot days. I should have taken my glasses along with me to see that was a one size fits all. I have seen bigger bandaids.

Re: Arch support

Richard, C.Ped on 7/15/04 at 09:50 (155507)

I feel your frustration Janice. I treat all my customers the way I want to be treated (even though that hardly happens anymore). My wife gets frustrated at me when I get angry with people who are in a service postion that do not do their job, well.....the way I think they should be doing their job.

Re: Arch support

Dorothy on 7/15/04 at 10:02 (155510)

Your customers are very lucky, Richard, for your attitude and for your skills which are apparent in your posts.

Re: Arch support

Richard, C.Ped on 7/16/04 at 13:18 (155615)

Thanks Dorothy...I am like that unless they can't pay!! LOL JUST KIDDING!!!!!

That is what led me to start the 'Pet Peeves' post on the SS board.