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Posted by lilly on 7/10/04 at 15:47 (155059)

Which styles of birkenstocks have those of you who have found them helpful liked? Thank you.

Re: birkenstocks

Dorothy on 7/10/04 at 20:38 (155080)

Go to the category that pertains to shoes, and/or do a search on this site using the term 'Birkenstock' and you will see many, many, many discussions of various preferred styles and the whys and wherefores. It's easy to do; it will just take a little of your time. Most people seem to prefer the Arizona, but you can read all about it. Good luck

Re: birkenstocks vs Finn

Terri on 7/13/04 at 19:58 (155356)

I tried Birkenstocks for the first time last weekend and found them just a little too aggresive in the metatarsal area. Ended up buying Finn Comfort with a soft bed instead and are real pleased with them. Anyone else here tried Finn's? What other shoes are popular?