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Dr. Z.

Posted by Darlene on 7/10/04 at 17:35 (155063)

Would you please let us know the pros and cons of freezing the neuroma. Would you choose this over alcohol injections? If it lasts about a year does that mean you go back and have it done again every year?

Thank you.

Re: Dr. Z.

Janice N on 7/10/04 at 21:56 (155081)

How many alcohol injections do you give and at what intervals? Janice

Re: Dr. Z.

JudyB on 7/11/04 at 11:49 (155105)

I would just like to add another question. Is the risk of getting RSD by freezing reduced? Also is there much risk at all of getting RSD via neuroma removal surgery?

Re: Dr. Z.

Dr. Z on 7/11/04 at 13:38 (155109)

If we are talking about a patient that doesn't have RSD my personal opinion is yes the risk is reduced, however I know of no clinical studies to prove this. The risk for RSD with excision of neuroma is very small but present

Re: Dr. Z.

Dr. Z on 7/11/04 at 13:40 (155110)

I give them sometimes weekly, but usually every 10 days. So long as the patient is improving I continue . If after two no improvement I stop. The typical number is around three . Some doctors go up to seven

Re: Dr. Z.

JudyB on 7/11/04 at 15:54 (155116)

Thanks Dr Z!