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Deep patellar bursitis + tendonitis - Please help

Posted by LindaK on 7/10/04 at 19:48 (155065)

My husband has been diagnosed with deep patellar bursitis + tendonitis and has been in bed for 5 weeks, unable to walk. He has been on anti-inflammatories (indicin, vioxx), Prednisone and anti-biotics and there has been no improvement. The area is swollen and painful. He has a history of gout. 5 weeks ago, he felt some discomfort in his knee area, took some indicin (assuming it was an onset of gout). He happened to kneel down on the floor (and kneeled over an an electrical wire) and felt a sharp pain. From then on he has been suffering. I think his problem started as a a gout attack and then he injured himself with the kneeling. His rheumatologist and orthopedist have treated him and nothing is helping. Please offer any suggestions you have. If you could e-mail me privately, that would be wonderful. My e-mail is (email removed).
Thanks so much!