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A second ESWT

Posted by Janice N on 7/11/04 at 20:30 (155136)

It will be three months next wk since I had the first ESWT. I am having less pain in the bottom of my heel. The thing is I have pain in my foot from other problems that it is hard to tell what is hurting.
If the pain from the back of my heel was better then I would be able to tolerate some of the other pain sources. Just don't know what to do with this right foot. I am able to walk more and further since the treatment. And I don't hurt as bad ever single minute of the day and night. If I could just do something about the Achilles Tendonitis. That just leaves the Neuroma and the bone spur and the arthritis pain. I guess all things considering I am doing alot better than I was three months ago. I sure learned a hard lesson about going bare footed.