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Posted by goose on 7/12/04 at 13:39 (155190)

Hey all,

Back from sunny California! We had a great (but hectic) family vacation. We saw San Francisco, Anaheim and San Diego in a week. Mr. goose and I went with his parents and my mom, so we are now in need of another a vacation alone! I brought a wheelchair along and used it proactively before my feet hurt. Did you know that with a wheelchair you get to go to the front of the line on all Disneyland rides? I felt super guilty, but it was great to avoid the long lines!

Anyway, just wanted to give you all an update on my treatment with Dr. Sandell, as promised. After 6 treatments on my right foot and 4 on my left I am noticing some definite changes in my foot pain. The deep ache in the arch is no longer there. I can walk a mile pain-free without a flare up, but standing still hurts. My feet do have a new ache to them. My whole foot- the ball, heel, toes and ankle ache at night after I walk a lot. It's like the pain is no longer focused in my PF- the whole foot is just uncomfortable. He says this feeling is normal as is my foot using the intrinsic muscles that have been slacking off for so long. In addition to have both feet treated with TFM (by the way, it really hurts), ultrasound and Graston twice each week, I am doing lunges, toe raises, stretches and the like, plus lot of ice. Starting this week I have to walk 1 mile each day and next week I will start running (just in time for the steamy Minnesota summer weather). I am really, really nervous about running but I will start really slow. I was fitted for new orthodics today so I will get those in about two weeks or so...

While I am by no means cured, I do for the first time in 15 months feel some improvement. That's all I know right now. I still have a way to go to be anywhere close to normal. I plan to continue treatment through July into August and will keep you all posted of my progress. So far, so good!


Re: update

Pete R on 7/12/04 at 13:56 (155194)

Great news Goose. Is Dr S doing the untrasound and Graston as well ? Are you having 3 treatments per week like John ? Does he work on the rest of your body as well like for example your back etc, or just your feet ?

I live in the UK but if this Dr S continues with his magic hands, I'm tempted to travel over for a couple of months, such is the lack of people who can help me here. Keep us posted, for your fellow pf sufferers your progress is great to read.

Re: update

John from MN on 7/12/04 at 15:12 (155201)

The week off should have helped your swelling to go down in your feet, treatment might be a little less painful now. If you are going to run next week , at the rate you are progressing, you should have no problem walking around Lake Harriet by August 1st PAIN FREE. That does not mean you might have soreness from treatment, but the burning pain you feel should stop.

I ran 6 miles yesterday and it felt pretty good. All my muscles are sore. Thats a feeling I have not had in a while.

Good luck in your continued recovery.


Re: thanks, questions???

Marty from SLC on 7/12/04 at 15:56 (155206)


Glad to hear your making progress!! I don't post much but read some and have been keeping me eye on this new interest as have others. We are really interested in your progress.

Question: Would you consider yourself a chronic PF sufferer? How long have you suffered? Do have first step morning pain?

Please be honest in your post as I'm sure you will be but many will make costly decisions off your posts. It's kind of a big load you have to carry as well as the others that are seeing this doctor, one I wouldn't wont to have but you seem to handling well. As you know John MN is really backing this guy up but we have no idea if it's legitimate, no offence John MN we are all glad you decided to come back here and let us know of your finding but we have all seen it all when it comes to internet scams.

Good luck, keep us posted.


Re: update

Dorothy on 7/12/04 at 22:32 (155262)

Thank you Goose - and this sounds very promising. I'm pulling for you!

Re: update

goose on 7/13/04 at 15:47 (155344)

Hi again,

Nope, I do not have first step pain - never have. It is my lower arch in both feet which has a deep ache and has been known to throb and burn. I injured myself about a year and half ago while on a 19 mile training run. My husband and I were training for the Alaska marathon with Team in Training after mom was diagnosed with lymphoma. I've haven't run since and he is on his third marathon. Anyway, I do realize how many people are following my experience and are considering traveling for this treatment. I can relate as I have tried almost everything myself. I take that seriously and will give you all an honest report back. My advice is to just wait another month or so until I have some more conclusive results. I will post in a few weeks to share my experiences with this treatment. Let's hope it works!


Re: update

Sherry on 7/14/04 at 11:22 (155411)


How so I find out about Dr. Sandell or someone like him?

I live in Connecticut.

Thanks, Sherry

Re: update

john h on 7/14/04 at 12:01 (155414)

Goose: Hope all is proceeding well with you. Many are watching you and Place as sort of a guide to how well Cross Friction Massage works.

I do not know about Place but you are sort of in a very special catagory and your results may not apply to 98% of the people on this board. You are clearly in a class of your own in that you run marathons, train for the Alaska Marathon Team and clearly a well conditioned athlete. Odds are your PF comes from a running injury. Few people on this board have ever run a marathon or ever will. Trying to compare your results to some potatoe couch who is 50 years old and has no idea how he got PF just does not seem to compute to me. I would bet if they were doing a formal study of PF patients and the results from a type of treatment you may well be disqualifed because you are sort of in a class of your own I would guess you would have the capacity to heal better and probably have a better immune system. I would also expect you are younger than most on the board which is going to give you an advantage in healing no matter what your disease

When a study is done to test the efficacy of new treatment I would guess that all the patients are carefull selected and have to meet certain criteria. Your athletic background separates you from 99% of the population you lucky dog. Hope you get well and I think the odds are clearly in your favor.

Re: update

goose on 7/14/04 at 14:15 (155428)

Correction: WAS an athlete. Trying to be anyway. Total and complete couch potato these days. I can barley walk up the stairs without getting winded.

But, I know what you mean. I think it is working on me because I have serious scar tissue from tearing both PFs during a long run. But isn't that essentially what all chronic PF is from...scar tissue?


Re: update

Dr. Sandell on 7/14/04 at 15:47 (155435)

The mechanism of injury is irrelevant. Whether it is a single traumatic event or cummulative trauma, the soft tissues response to injury remains the same. Certainly the practitioner must consider how the injury occured , whether it is training errors or deconditioning for example, but it does not change how the tissue responds to injury. I encourage you John to review the previous posts and research further into this topic. Unless you understand soft tissues response to injury and the biology of scar tissue, you will not be able to understand how TFM works. I will be posting several research studies in the near future for your information.

Re: update

Pauline on 7/14/04 at 16:13 (155439)

A formal welcome to heelspurs Dr. Sandell. I hope you can find time to post quite often. I think our readers although skeptical and cautious
are very interested in your thought and treatment for P.F.

Re: update

Dorothy on 7/14/04 at 16:44 (155447)

Do the search here (see first 'page'): Dr. Sandell
You will find info. about him, his location, his posts, posts about him, etc. It will just take a few minutes of your time.

Re: update

john h on 7/15/04 at 10:50 (155522)

Goose: There are is by no means total agreement in the medical community on what PF is and how to treat it. The noted Dr. Baxter from Houston is often quoted in medical journals believes much of what we describe as PF to be caused by an inflamed fascia pressing on the Baxter Nerve. Others disagree with this. The Chief of the U. of Arkansas Medical Sciences Hospital will absolutely not do a fascia release. She thinks the risk outweigh the possible benefits. Some Doctors think releasing the entire fasica is appropriate. Some just part of the fascia. Some Doctors will only use the Baxter Procedure to perform surgery on the fascia. Few MD's will use endoscopic surgery on the fascia because of the possible risk of damaged nerves. This procedure is largely the domain of Podiatrist many of whom use the procedure. I would be supprised if most Doctors would describe chronic PF to be the result of scar tissue. The fact remains most Doctors do not know what the 'pain generator' is in PF pain. They may make an educated guess but it is just that a guess. You can look at a x-ray and see a broken bone but you cannot see what is causing your PF type pain.