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eliptical trainer

Posted by Robert K on 7/13/04 at 12:41 (155314)

I exercise on an eliptical trainer. This is a non-impact machine. Could it be causing my PF?

Re: eliptical trainer

AndyO on 7/13/04 at 14:41 (155331)

I used to work out on a treadmill, until it became clear that it was aggravating my PF. I thought of trading it in for a elliptical trainer, but I was afraid the same thing would happen.
In my case, I think that it was not so much the impact that caused my problem, but the tightening of the calf muscles and the achilles tendon. As my leg muscles strengthened, I could feel tension in the back of my ankle and a corresponding tightness in my plantar fascia. It is possible that any activity that strengthens and tightens the calf muscles could aggravate your PF.
I think that your best shot is stretching the calf muscles before as well as after exercising, to prevent them from becoming too tight.
Good luck.

Re: eliptical trainer

jschac on 7/26/04 at 16:22 (156288)

Sounds to me like you may have trigger points in your calf muscles. I did, and it mimicked the symptoms of PF, although I had no morning pain, just constant pain when on my feet. An excellant book on trigger points by Clair Davies showed me how to alleviate the pain of the trigger points in very short order. I just wonder how many people on this site have TP instead of PF?

Check out the book on Amazon!

Good luck!