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Surgery.....a good thing or not so good?

Posted by Donna on 7/13/04 at 16:40 (155347)

Hello. I have been thinking about having surgery on both of my feet at the same time, but I am worried that it may not help. Any advice/encouragement would be welcome!

Re: Surgery.....a good thing or not so good?

Les on 7/13/04 at 17:35 (155348)

Wow, after having 1 foot done 3 weeks ago I'd say you only want to do 1 at a time!

Re: Surgery.....a good thing or not so good?

Terri on 7/13/04 at 20:17 (155359)

I sure agree with Les! I just can't imagine having both done at the same time, gives me a chill up my spine whenever I read someone here having that done! My mother had a bunionectomy done on both feet at the same time and what a struggle that was!

I have lived with her for many years off and on and when she did that it was a challenge for both of us. We bought a recliner to 'park' her in thru the day while I was at work. I fixed her breakfast and icepacks and packed a cooler with water and snacks, came home at lunchtime to get her something to eat and replenished the cooler and her icepacks, then after work took care of all the dishes and such that accumulated thru the day and got started on the next day's supplies. This went on for 3 weeks and both of us were pretty sick of it by then, although I did lose a few pounds! :-)

Don't get me wrong, I love her dearly and will do anything for her but it is a lot to go through for all parties involved. I'd never consider it myself for 2 reasons: 1) I'd want to see how the 1st surgery turns out before trying it again, and 2) I'm too darned independent for my own good!

Re: Surgery.....a good thing or not so good?

Pauline on 7/13/04 at 21:38 (155365)

Please understand that I'm not a doctor, but as a former P.F. patient I doubt I'd ever consider surgery as a solution. My reasons are the many negative posts that have been posted on the surgery board.

The amount of complications and the fact that no guarantee is provided that P.F. surgery will make one pain free is enough reason for me.

Everyone is an individual and they choose their own treatment of choice, but before you decide on a surgical solution I'd simply ask you to do all your homework ahead of time and don't rush into it.

There is no such thing as a snip and go surgery. The foot even though taken for granted is a highly complicated functioning part of the body. So many working parts in such tiny space with one funtion directly related to another makes it a truely unique part of the body. Please don't dismiss it's workings without give a good deal of thought to making your final decision.

Re: Surgery.....a good thing or not so good?

Marty from SLC on 7/14/04 at 12:52 (155416)

Do not get both feet done at the same time. I have read that some here have had done it though.

If you have tried all conservative treatments for at least one year maybe 2 and the pain is unbearable then you will do what you must do, Pain is a motivator. I have had one done 1.5 years ago and I'm still not back to where I was before surgery. Remember though that most here are still here because they haven't got better and those that do don't stick around. Can't blame them. :)

Good luck on your decision.


Re: Surgery.....a good thing or not so good?

Ed Davis, DPM on 7/14/04 at 13:22 (155425)

I like the phrase Pauline used 'snip and go' because release of the plantar fascia is sort of like that, quick and simple for the surgeon. Unfortunately, for the patient, the results are very variable. The plantar fascia is a strut that supports the foot so cutting it releives the foot of a vital supporting structure and is only something to be done as an absolute last resort. Read Scott's Heel Pain Book to make sure you have had the full course of conservative therapy before deciding on surgery.

Re: Surgery.....a good thing or not so good?

Pauline on 7/14/04 at 14:18 (155430)

Dr. Ed,
P.F. surgery kind of remindes me of having ones suspenders cut while wearing slacks that are too large and your hands full of groceries.

Re: Surgery.....a good thing or not so good?

april l on 7/14/04 at 15:32 (155433)

Well personally, I would not do both feet at the same time. I had both feet done but years apart. I'm talking about endoscopic plantar fasciotomy. I needed a foot that was able to take the weight off the surgical foot. Both my feet were not bad at the same time, so I was fortunate. I have heard that some people are worse off after the surgery. I had two successful surgeries, but it took a long time to become pain free. I did conservative treatments for years without success. I'm glad I had the surgery, altho reading here did scare me. If I had been too afraid I would still be in pain today.

Re: Surgery.....a good thing or not so good?

Dee C on 7/14/04 at 16:26 (155442)

I wrote about having surgery on both feet the same time but didn't get any responses or opinions. You are lucky. I had a PF release on left and Tailor bunionectomy on right May 28th. Very hard and painful. My husband has been very helpful; but I am on my own all day until he gets home from work. Have no one else to help me. He leaves me breakfast on the bed before he leaves, then I use crutches or a walker if I need to get anything else for the day until he gets home. Getting to the bathroom is hard too. I re-hurt myself a couple times and I know my recovery time will be much longer than if I had had just one done at a time. Now at 6 wks. post-op I am able to get around better and the pain is down a bit; but its really been hard. Let me know what you do; but I would recommend one at a time.

Re: Surgery.....a good thing or not so good?

Janice N on 7/14/04 at 20:30 (155462)

I had foot surgery 15 yrs ago and I wouldn't have ever done both at the same time. I had ESWT done to one foot 11 wks ago and didn't even want that done to both at the same thing. I couldn't have stood being injected to numb them in both feet. One was plenty for two areas of my foot. When you have one done you tend to favor the other. Even if you used a wheelchair it would not be easy. Give it alot of thought then some more.

Re: Surgery.....a good thing or not so good?

AEllis100 on 7/15/04 at 13:03 (155539)

when i was 18 I had surgery on both heels for haglund's deformity. both legs were in walking casts for 7 weeks and it sucked. but I tell you, if I had one done at a time, I would have never had the second heel done. Never. In my case though, my right achilles tendon had to be removed and reattached so it may be different. Doing both really wasn't that bad once I started to recover. Showering was the worst and I had a wheelchair accessible when I needed it.

Re: Surgery.....a good thing or not so good?

Buffy on 7/17/04 at 06:13 (155667)

I had EPF on both of my feet at the same time in Dec.2003. I had no problems at all. My feet are just fine. I had it done right before the Christmas holidays so someone was always home the first few days. I used an office chair to get around the house until I could walk, then I used a walker for about a week. After that I was able to get around without any aids. Pain from the surgery is very minimal, but it does hurt to walk, which subsides after time.
My heels do not hurt at all anymore and I can do just about anything I want to. I try not to walk too much on hard concrete surfaces. They aren't too kind. I would do it again without any hesitation. Everybody's feet are different. I only had about 9mos of conservative treatments before I had the surgery. I feel that this may be the reason mine have come out so well. I didnt let it go on for years. I am not overweight and I do not jog. Hope you make the right decision for you.

Re: Surgery.....a good thing or not so good?

John King on 7/17/04 at 17:23 (155698)

When a doctor says you have a soft tissue injury then surgery becomes a problem. I have had two surgeries on my shoulder and wrist. Both so-called soft tissue type injuries and I am no better off now than I was then. I think I hurt worse. Orthopods are good at fixing bones but lousey at soft tissue injuries. When they cut the fascia that is not a bone but just tissue. A 50% success rate is not worth the pain.

Re: Surgery.....a good thing or not so good?

Rose on 7/18/04 at 09:02 (155741)

I had both feet done at the same time and I think it was a good idea. I had the summer off though, plenty of time to lie around with ice. I had no swelling. Used a wheel chair for about three weeks. It worked out verh well and did not end up injuring the other foot by favoring it. I figure once is enough to tramatize the body with surgery.