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Help or surgeon referral please!!

Posted by AEllis100 on 7/14/04 at 15:59 (155438)

had surgery when i was 18 on both heels at the same time. achilles tendon removed, bone shaved and tendons reattached. left heel perfect. right heel always given me trouble. now, 18 years later, in severe pain. can't walk by the end of the day. trouble bending foot and limping a lot. according to the x-rays i have 'rounded bony densities in the soft tissue at the insertion of the achilles tendon', 'flattened & angled superior calcaneus', and one 'well corticated bone just adjacent to the insertion of the achilles tendon.

my doctor sent me to a surgeon who said he wouldn't touch my right heel with a ten-foot pole. But i can't live like this. Can someone recommend a surgeon who can help me in the New York Area

Re: Help or surgeon referral please!!

Informing 2 on 7/14/04 at 17:42 (155450)

I have treated many post surgical achilles tendinosis such are your with ESWT. If you e-mail me at (email removed) I will talk to you and send you information about this procedure