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Thick facia and EWST

Posted by Angie on 7/14/04 at 22:13 (155471)

I have just had a sonogram and was told my facia measures a 7. While Ossatron had been recommended, I have BC/BS and am told they will not pay for Ossatron and therefore will have to have an endoscopic release. Has there been any success with the Ossatron on a facia as think as mine, or is a release the best.

Re: Thick facia and EWST

Dr. Z on 7/14/04 at 22:30 (155474)

I am going to copy and paste an e-mail I just received from one of my many sucessful ESWT patients

Hello Dr. Zuckerman!

I am now in the ninth month of recovery after ESWT and I am grateful that you saved me from being cut.

ESWT is an effective treatment for chronic plantar fasciitis such as yours
Yes Cost is a factor especially since the ossatron is probaby the most expensive machine due to the need for IV sedation and a hospital setting

We use the Dornier Epos which is used is typically used in an office setting and or mobile unit.
Where do you live. Is the ossatron the only type of machine available

Re: Thick facia and EWST

Pauline on 7/15/04 at 08:41 (155494)

Other than being told you are a 7 and advised to have the Ossatron treatment what else were you told?

Additionally just because your insurance company will not pay for ESWT doesn't automatically doom you to having surgery. All you have to do is
not have it done.

I don't know how long you've had plantar fasciitis, but other conservative treatments do work for many people. There is no magic bullet available to cure P.F. although we all go looking for it.

If you haven't already done so I'd suggest you read Scott's heel pain book available for free on this site. Scott is the webmaster and wrote the book.

It contains a wealth of information about conservative treatments for P.F.

Additionally a few posts back you will find a post from Mark L. or you can do a search under his name. There is a company providing ESWT to patients at lower prices when insurance coverage isn't available. Mark also left his email address so anyone can contact him for the information.

Please remember that there are no snip and go surgeries when it comes to P.F. and if you make a decision to have surgery do your homework ahead of time. No doctor will ever guarantee that you will be pain free following surgery or ESWT.

Just because a service is paid for by your insurance company doesn't guarantee success and thats with any treatment.

Insurance payment + treatment doesn't guarantee a successfull outcome. A simple equation to remember.

Re: Thick facia and EWST

Pauline on 7/15/04 at 08:46 (155495)

Here was the post by Mark that I was refering to his email address is at the top of the post.

Re: hospital based ESWT or physician office? view thread
Posted by MARK L on 7/11/04 at 08:10

(email removed)

Anyone who wants info about the ESWT company and their fee policy can e-mail the above address.

I will place no further posts on this topic. I will answer all e-mails
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Re: Thick facia and EWST

Pauline on 7/15/04 at 08:54 (155496)

I forgot to post my medical disclaimer at the bottom of my posts to you.

Here it is:
I am not a doctor and the posts written to you are my own personal opinion as a former P.F. suffer.