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Good pedorthists in San Francisco Bay Area?

Posted by Connie A. on 7/14/04 at 22:41 (155476)

It seems that most of the people on this board are on the East coast (New York, in particular), but I thought it would be worth asking if there are any pedorthists in the San Francisco Bay Area (East Bay, preferrably) that people would recommend.

Thanks in advance!!

Re: Good pedorthists in San Francisco Bay Area?

Dorothy on 7/14/04 at 23:25 (155479)

Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Texas, Arkansas, Kentucky, Alberta-Canada, Washington (state), Washington, D.C., Virginia, New Hampshire, California, New Jersey, the Dakotas, Minnesota, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina,England,Other-Canada,Massachusetts, hio, .... Who have I missed??

You're right, some are from New York, but not predominantly.

Re: Good pedorthists in San Francisco Bay Area?

Nick, C.Ped on 7/15/04 at 01:51 (155485)


What kind of Pedorthic services are you looking for? I am personally in the Bay Area, and Depending on what your needs are, I have a MULTITUDE! of Colleagues here also, in a variety of facilities.

(One facility or C.Ped might benefit you more over another, I can suggest the best one.)
Nick, C.Ped

Re: Good pedorthists in San Francisco Bay Area?

Richard, C.Ped on 7/15/04 at 09:38 (155505)

Yea!!! Dorothy mentioned South Carolina!!!! Wooo Hoooo!!!!!

Re: Good pedorthists in San Francisco Bay Area?

Connie A. on 7/15/04 at 14:14 (155544)

Mea culpa!
I got that (wrong) impression probably because all the questions I ran across for recommendations of good podiatrists or pedorthists were for the New York area. You can't always tell where someone is from unless they ask a specific question like that. But yes, I now see that this web site definitely covers the whole country!

Re: Good pedorthists in San Francisco Bay Area?

Connie A. on 7/15/04 at 15:12 (155550)

Not sure what my needs are exactly (basically, a pair of orthotics that gets rid of my foot pain!), but here is an overview of my foot situation, for what it is worth. If you would care to recommend someone, please do! East Bay much preferable (Berkeley/Albany/El Cerrito, Oakland).

I have hypermobility, overpronation, which, with a sudden increase in exercise and lack of proper foot support, led to a Posterior tibial injury in one foot two years ago (not advanced stage, no too-many toes sign). I also have other non-defined soft-tissue pain in area of arch. No weight problem; I am younger than the average person with PTTD, I'm told. Since I've been wearing rigid orthotics, I have developed pain in the tarsal tunnel area (nerve conduction tests were negative, however, no Tinel's sign either) and my right foot has developed some intermittent problems too, which directly correlated to wearing orthotics longer than usual on a given day. I do not tolerate rigid orthotics well (they have led to some symptoms of mild RSD in my feet), but they help me more than the foam type, which irritate my arches, and don't support me enough.. I was much more mobile before I began wearing orthotics to treat my foot pain. Since wearing orthotics, I have become semi-disabled. I can't walk longer than about 15 minutes and that's actually a lot of progress, made with the help of physical therapy, from where I was for many months; I can't walk without orthotics either now, I've tried! I now wear the rigid ones, despite the problems they cause, they're the 'least bad' of all my orthotics. If anyone out there can make orthotics that support my feet well, and are comfortable, then they will have one grateful customer!

Like many people with chronic foot problems, I've already tried a number of orthotics, of a variety of materials, fitted with a variety of methods. all made in the New England area. Unfortunately, my health insurance does not cover orthotics, unless it is for diabetes related problems. I'm tired of throwing money down a rat hole, but would like to get my feet, and my life, back.

Re: Good pedorthists in San Francisco Bay Area?

Dorothy on 7/16/04 at 18:49 (155654)

No mea culpa necessary. I was kind of surprised myself as I thought about some of the places we 'foot people' here are from - and I know I don't the half of it. Welcome!

Re: Good pedorthists in San Francisco Bay Area?

Nick, C.Ped on 7/16/04 at 20:20 (155660)


In my facility we actually mill EVA orthotics in a variety of densities and suited to a even GREATER variety of needs. I am Certain I can help you out in the pedorthic/retail facility i am employed in now. We have a specific plan in the event your insurance does not cover foot orthoses so they are affordable. If you would like to call me at the store my number is 510.226.1530 we can discuss this further.

Thanks in advance, Nick

Nick Kohli, C.Ped
Foot Solutions of Fremont
46525 Mission Blvd.
Fremont, CA 94539

Re: Good pedorthists in San Francisco Bay Area?

Connie A. on 7/21/04 at 19:02 (156012)

Thank you for telling me about your facility in Fremont and their specialization. I am following up a few other leads now, but if they don't work, then I will contact you!

Re: Good pedorthists in San Francisco Bay Area?

A. May on 7/23/04 at 15:01 (156136)

Just fyi,
As per another web site, I did go to the Foot Solutions in both Palo Alto, CA and Fremont, CA with a 7-year history of plantar fascitis. I spent a lot of money buying custom made orthodicts, dress custom orthodicts, 2 pairs of AnaTech shoes and NB sneakers (2). In addition to the gel heal cup while the orthodicts were being made. I was 'promised' that my heal pain would be gone in 3 months if I adhered to a very rigid routine. My pain did get better from say a scale 1-10 from pain on the 8-10 range down to 3-5 range after about 1-year.

It has been 2-years now and I've since left CA (I lived in Oakland). I have now switched to Birks. I've had ultrasound and acu-pressure. I have been given a series of exercises from my PT and have since been told that my 2-yr old custom orthodicts are now useless. I have switched to over-the-counter $60 sports orthodicts that form to your feet and continue my exercises and not going bare foot. I also have finn comfort shoes and theresia dress shoes that I use as well. Not to mention the NB sneakers that I use with these new orthodicts. I would say with my new routine. I am now almost pain free until about 2-4pm and then I rest about an hour and then can get to the end of the day at about pain level of 3.

I think it is a great start at Foot Solutions but don't believe everything you hear. Exercise, moderate at first is definately key to strengthen all of your foot muscles surrounding the plantar fascitis.

By the way, I am mid-30's, swim 7.5 km/week and in good shape. I am told my tight calf muscles and foot pronation caused my problems but am still working to be 100%.

Good luck. I am glad to be 100% of migranes related to pains.

Re: Good pedorthists in San Francisco Bay Area?

Nick, C.Ped on 7/24/04 at 02:28 (156175)

FYI for All,

Be skeptic of anyone that will 'promise' the fact that you will be pain free in any certain amount of time(especially a short one) by a certain specific device!

From volunteering at a foot clinic, to interning in a podiatric office, to training with and meeting some of the most astounding fellow C.Ped's in the country and being in a pedorthic shoe facility for almost two years, IN THE AMOUNT OF PF CASES I HAVE SEEN and worked with I have NEVER seen a consistent time frame with being pain free. The variables per individual that affect that sort of thing are immense. Much too immense to put a time constraint on when you should be 'healed.'
I always tell people that question 'how long will it take to be pain free?' that they should notice considerable differences within a certain time pending on the device they are in and the problem they are having and obvioulsy taking some of those factors into consideration( job, lifestyle, footwear, pain level, etc etc)

Re: Good pedorthists in San Francisco Bay Area?

Lisa B on 2/26/05 at 17:49 (169975)

Note to Nick, C Ped
We are looking for a pedorthist in the East Bay. My husband smashed his heel as a teen, and by now has had 3 joints in the foot fused to alleviate osteoarthiris pain. His bad foot is 1/4' to 1/2' shorter than the other. (well, guess they measured the entire leg length, but you get the picture.) We need to find someone who can craft an insert for the shoe, or make a pair of shoes that will fit him better than what we have now. Any suggestions to pedorthic centers or people who can help us is appreciated.

Re: Good pedorthists in San Francisco Bay Area?

Nick, C. Ped. on 2/28/05 at 14:28 (170154)

Lisa, Feel free to contact my facility and book an appt. with me. Make sure that you let whoever answers know that this is a medical case and you need to work with me or one of the other C.Ped's on staff (they sometimes get eager to just have you come in on a walk-in basis). We can sit down and talk about your husbands options do a evaluation and see what needs to be done. If you have a script or Rx of what his actual Leg Length Discrepency (LLD) is then also bring that with you; along with any other devices he may have had made or that have worked for him in the past. If you have any questions I will keep up on monitoring the board or you can call the shop.

Nick Kohli, C. Ped.
46525 Mission Blvd.
Fremont, CA 94536