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Thank You Dr. ED

Posted by Terry L on 7/16/04 at 17:47 (155639)

Dr. Ed.
I must apologize for not getting back to your very helpful answer to my question #155242 about PF and RSD. I've had some bad pain days and today is no exception it's raining. My PM doctor believes that I do have RSD but one Ortho doctor wasn't totally convinced although two ortho's were. I have had blocks and RFL but the pain comes back. He said he would do RFL again if I want it done which I may do one more time. I see a SSC in my future but that is somewhat scary if I could be more confident about it not spreading the RSD I think I would feel a lot better. My PM said SSC gets in bad rap on the net and for a patient it's hard to filter what is true and not. I did get notes from this last ortho and he did say this is an extremely high risk foot, no surgery recommended, so I think that 'somewhat' says it all. I have one more question if you would be so kind. This ortho gave me a script for UCBL orthotics what's your thoughts on that subject, I haven't received them yet but I have been casted.
Thanks again Terry

Re: Thank You Dr. ED

Ed Davis, DPM on 7/18/04 at 00:05 (155726)

UCBL orthotics offer a lot of control and can help provided that you can tolerate the control they provide.