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High density ESWT

Posted by Maureen on 7/16/04 at 17:53 (155640)

Well after waiting forever for the podiatrist's office to make the arrangements--I finally had the high density ESWT today. I was sort of nervous beforehand and the nurse asked me if I wanted a valium to relax. I refused knowing how painkillers can make me nauseous. I was really worried about the nerve block--and it was fine--same sensation as cortisone shots--just had to have three injections instead of one.

The technician who actually did the ESWT was very nice and explained everything. I will say there were periods during the ESWT that I felt pain and discomfort but just figured this was a good sign--that I needed this and would have to just tolerate the pain for the twelve minutes. The machine used was the Dornier. The tech said he went up to level 7 which some patients can't tolerate. He said some patients want to quit after Level 5. The only problem during the procedure is that I had some foot and leg spasms. I will post again when some time has passed and let you know the results. I have PF in both feet, but the left was the worst so that was the one addressed first. I wouldn't be afraid again if I had to have the right foot done.

Re: High density ESWT

karenp on 7/19/04 at 12:21 (155833)

How are you feeling now? I am deciding between surgery and ESWT. Looking for any answers I can get.

Re: High density ESWT

Gino on 7/24/04 at 16:09 (156206)

Hi Maureen

My doc said I had the same spasm but that they had to keep my leg down to continue the procedure. I didn't know about this board before I had ESWT done but now I am curious to know what level it was and I presume the machine was ossatron.

I hope we all have a fast recovery.