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Do you believe in ghosts?

Posted by marie on 7/16/04 at 23:14 (155661)

I had a creepy experience today. We had a loud thunderstorm & I was walking down the hall towards the back staircase on the 2nd floor when I thought I heard the cats messing around on the back stairs that lead to the third floor. We don't use the third floor. Every once and a while the cats get up there....we have no idea how they get in there....any way I was on the 2nd floor landing and called for Chloe and sure enough she popped her head out and meowed. Meisha was by my side and I had just let Hannah outside. But there still was noise was in the attic and the cats were accounted for. Then all of the sudden the door to the attic opened.....and no one was there. After a few seconds it slammed shut hard. I won't be going back up there anytime soon. Now my son gives me a picture of an 'orb' in his room. Creepy.

It's just a little weird...that's all.

Re: Do you believe in ghosts?

marie on 7/16/04 at 23:28 (155663)


Ok here is the photo. You will need to look by the radiator. Creepy.......We've had several things happen in this old house but that was the first time it scared me...maybe because it was thundering so loud outside.

I am not a big believer in ghosts but that scared the beejeebers out of me today.

Re: Do you believe in ghosts?

john h on 7/17/04 at 11:38 (155686)

Shaky experience. Once I was stationed in Cheyenne, Wyoming. I lived in an old house on the base built around 1900. It was three stories with a basement and spiral staircases, etc. This was an officers quarters during the calvary days. When the wind would blow as it always did in Cheyenne you would hear all sorts of sounds and creaks. Anyway,d I was sent to Texas for some advance flying training for 3 months. My wife and daughter accompanied me and we just locked up the house. When we returned three months later and entered the living room there was blood all over the walls and over turned lamps,etc. I saw blood on the walls going up the stairs. I sent Mary and Laurie out and preceeded up the stairs, Into one bedroom more blood and overturned items. Into the master bedroom and more blood and what do I find near a window but a very large dead bird. I think it may have been some sort of hawk. It may have come down the chemeney as we had three and obviously was panicked as it flew around the house trying to escape and injuring itself as it flew into things. I thought I had arrived at the Bates Hotel.

Re: Do you believe in ghosts?

marie on 7/17/04 at 11:52 (155688)

That would be really creepy. I don't think I would have kept looking around once I saw blood.

I suppose its possible that the wind was strong enough that it would have come through the little cracks...there aren't any that I can think of but if so it would have created a vaccum...opening the door and then slamming it shut. But I am not going up there ever not alone anyways.

Supposedly there was a man and a child who died in this house and the former occupants said it was haunted by a confederate soldier. I have an open mind but in general I don't spook to easily. We've lived here for 9 years and there have been a few little things that have happened that are odd....like every year we have one....just one Christmas tree ornament that moves constantly. There's other stuff but nothing that unsettled me like the door.

Re: Do you believe in ghosts?

Richard, C.Ped on 7/19/04 at 11:45 (155832)

That sounds like something you could submit to Coast to Coast AM.

Re: Do you believe in ghosts?

marie on 7/19/04 at 15:16 (155853)


I'm sure it was just a vaccum created by the weather conditions outside but the timing was frightening. I have never been afraid in this house and have always dismissed the ghost stories but I will try to keep an open mind and I'm not going into the third floor by myself.