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More on Foot Freezer Dr. Z.

Posted by Darlene on 7/17/04 at 12:03 (155689)

Dr. Z:

Thank you for the information you've posted on this topic. I heard that Dr. Fallet's done over 500 procedures. The 38% success rate, even if you extrapolate the stump neuromas, is not very good. Do you think there is information on the total of 500 yet?

Thank you for your time.


Re: More on Foot Freezer Dr. Z.

Dr. Z on 7/17/04 at 14:29 (155691)

I am not aware of any studies of 500 cases. I do want to point out that the sucess rate would be a combination of the partial and the total relief so that is about 83%. You can have a second treatment and you should have additional improvment.