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my plantar fascitis

Posted by Sherry on 7/17/04 at 18:33 (155713)

In 1975 I decided not to go to UCLA grad school in dance. I went to Block Island in RI, and either my l or r knee started to hurt. I had chondro malagia (sp.}> The problem resolved after a bit. Went to doc's at Uconn med. center. I was then 25. Iwent to work at an unemplyment office - hard floors - and also started an affair with a married guy. I lived with him - during this time I got what I now suspect was plantar fac. My heels would hurt with alot of walking. Not like I have now. I could dance and etc. pain free. I broke up with the guy in 1978 and started therapy. The summer of 1977 I went to a t'ai ji workshop and my heel and knee pain - when I danced knee pain - went away. I figured that there was a mind - body connection and went to work with a therapist who connectied the two. Whan I did t'ai ji the knee pain went away. Boom.
I believed that it was partly emotional. I did therapy and t'ai ji for years. My knee pain got better - when I was at a t'ai ji workshop, and worse on my own. I got a new boyfriend. My feet continued to hurt - heels that is - when I walked alot. It bothered me. What if I had a child - what about the walking. My boyfriend of the t'ai ji era and I broke up in 1984. I began to start up with someone new in 1987. I had a very bad experience in therapy at that time and in my anxiety my pf went away - almost 100%. It was like a miracle. It's like all this emotional stuff came up - or something, and the pf went away. I was also expressing some of my anger with feet stomping - no kidding. I was supporting myself with teaching t'ai ji classes. In 1988 I started to work with a new therapist - bioenergetic - and to teach in the schools. My pf was gone. I could not wear tie shoes - since 1974 or '75 or my heels would hurt. I wore keds slip ons. I did have to change shoes alot, or get new ones as my right heel would start to hurt at a certain point. I don't know if it was the heel wearing down or the inner side of the rt shoe weakening. In 2002 I got a new car and it hurt my rt. hip I was working full time in a school walking on concrete floors. My boyfriend wants to go so I will finish this later. My knee hurt, I got surgery. Pf. Sherry

Re: my plantar fascitis

Sherry on 7/17/04 at 19:32 (155720)

to continue 'my plantar fascitis': In 2001 a deer ran into my CRX and I got a new Civic which caused my right back/hip to hurt. The new car is a automatic not a stick shift like the CRX. Was a standard better for me? (I got this car in late 2001, not 2002.) In the spring of 2002 my knee hurt then was ok, then was iffy. I started with a new bioenergetic therapist in 2002 - fall. My feet were better then ever. My knee was on and off. It gOt better - feeling wise, then started to lock here and there. My knee surgeon talked me into knee surgery - with dire promises of worse to come if I did not have surgery. I got 80% of my rt medial menisus trimmed and 15% of my rt lateral meniscus trimmed. I was out of work 3 weeks. I went back and the day I went back my plantar fac. started back in my rt heel. I was devastated. My surgery was in Feb. 2003. Have been suffering with pf in my rt foot since March 2003. I have done bioenergetics, accupuncture, chiro., PT - unconventional -, orthotics, hot/cold, and exercise. Nothing has really solved the problem. I blame my knee surgery - or was it the rest, and then walking on hard floors at work? So here I am. How do I heal this problem? I've considered a walking cast, ESWT, continuing with PT, and chiro, and exercise, and othotics and waiting. I am impatient. Has the change in gait from knee surgery done this? The lack of meniscus? What? I would stand on my head 3 hours a day if it would help. The chiro, PT, exercises, orthotics, and accupuncture all help, but don't cure the pf.
I switch orthotics daily. Any thoughts welcome.
I may continue tomorrow. I have to get off. Thank you for reading this.
I wanted to fill in more details from my earlier posts.


Re: my plantar fascitis

Sherry on 7/17/04 at 20:10 (155721)

to continue 'my plantar fascitis'
Birkenstocks kill my feet and always have. I like loafer - type shoes. For years I depended on keds 'slip ons'. They changed the last about 3 years ago and this may have contributed to my current pf, by helping to hurt my rt knee. I don't dance anymore and hardly do t'ai ji since my horrid knee surgery. Before knee surgery I did almost everything that I wanted to do, and my feet were great. My rt. foot is the problem now - as stated. I like loafers because my heel can move up and down, causing less stress to it.