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Sharing my experience about ESWT with you

Posted by Gino on 7/18/04 at 01:52 (155737)


This message is pretty much the same as the one I wrote above. I just realized it would be better to start a new thread with today's date.

Just wanted to share my experience about ESWT. I had done ESWT on
May, 28th. A few days after my procedure I returned to my podiatrist to remove the bandage around my foot , he confirmed what the anesthetist had told me about the local anesthesia required to numb my right foot but he said I got 4 shots around my ankle (he showed me where). I was told not to eat anything on the day of the procedure from midnight. Around 8-9pm I was feeling my foot again. Just next day I could walk with no pain like Mike described. A few days later though I felt the same discomfort but subdued. It's been almost 2 months and just last week I started PT with ultra-sound followed by exercises in the pool. Dr. recommended 3x week for 3 weeks. In the meantime, I will have my orthodic ordered according to the shape of my foot.

It's been a drag for me because I am an avid tennis player. I play tennis as often as 4-5 times a week and some times play league and local torneys. Just for the records: I have flat feet and start feeling some unusual discomfort every morning when I got up on my feet but then as day went by the pain apparently disappeared. I was one night while playing tennis that I felt an excruciating pain that mobilized my right foot on the ground momentarily until this big pain gradually went away. Next day had a shot of cortizone so I could walk again. After that, started the usual treatment with frozen bottle of water rolling under my foot periodically for 10-15 mins. and Naproxen as mentioned above for a few weeks until I turned to ESWT.

I've been going strictly by what my Dr. said. No exercises, no tennis and rest as much as I can. But my question really is how much rest is necessary in order to see some positive results here? I am computer enginneer and spend most of my time seated. Occasionally have to walk up to a co-worker or rest room and go and get my car at the garage. I read Pauline saying that rest was a big factor in the healing process. If I am advised to stay at home if I could, then telecommute may be an option for me.



Re: Sharing my experience about ESWT with you

Janice N on 7/18/04 at 15:49 (155770)

Gino, I know everyone is different. But have been off my feet for very long periods of time. I have a disability. Can't work. Bedrest didnt do me any good. Now for others they do need time off their feet. One would think my feet had time to heal being off them for so long. I sure do have to exercise them alot.
Inactivity can be just as bad. As inflamed as the feet can get being off them for a period of time one would think it would help. If you can why not try it?
The you can realy concentrate on varoius exercise,
soaking, ice and or heat, PT etc.

Re: Sharing my experience about ESWT with you

Gino on 7/19/04 at 02:46 (155801)

Janice, ice and heat treatment was not advised by my doc but prior to the ESWT when I asked him about it he said he doesn't like to recommend it to his patients because the time has to be pretty much, if not exactly, the same on ice and heat so, if you decide to do 5 mins. on ice you should also put heat on it for 5 mins. At this point in time, I am doing exercises in the pool as mentioned in my previous msg and doing ultra-sound. Next Saturday I will have the shape of my foot taken for the orthotic but I need to know from my doc how little exercise I can do to not compromise the treatment overall. He sort of hinted that I'd need to do a second ESWT but then didn't mention again. It is really strange of him to tell me that without even knowing how my foot would react to the treatment. I am sorry about the good doctors out there but until I really feel I am in that trusting level with this doctor he will have to answer a lot of my questions.

Re: Sharing my experience about ESWT with you

Ed Davis, DPM on 7/19/04 at 09:33 (155817)

There is a specific amount of rest/exercise that is a bit different for everyone and that is something your doc can give you advice on. Generally speaking, if the actitivity you do today does not lead to your foot being sore the next day, that activity was okay.

Re: Sharing my experience about ESWT with you

Janice N on 7/19/04 at 11:23 (155829)

I had to go back to read what I was saying to you. I was talking about before ESWT to have time to rest, ice, heat, exercise etc. As far as being off your feet after the ESWT I was told not to overdo it. But it is not like a surgical proceedure where you need some time off them usually. Still with it causing acute inflammation I would take some time to rest them. That is what I did. Wasn't very long that I went back to the pool but had to be careful how much water walking I did. And there has been alot of duscussion on the board about ice and heat along with anti inflammatory meds after ESWT. Every dr has a different opinion but there are reccomendations.

Re: Sharing my experience about ESWT with you

Gino on 7/24/04 at 15:54 (156203)

I am still confused about what my doctor told me. When I saw him for the first time, we talked about what was causing the pain before I had a shot of cortizone. He said it was because of inflammation of the connective tissue (plantar)caused by the spur. I felt much better after the shot. But although I could walk fine, I felt pain doing exercises after while (say 2 -21/2 hours). After I did ESWT in May I now feel that pain that I was used to feel after 2 to 2 1/2 hours of exercise but not the same intensity though. My question to the doctors on the board is, is this caused by the 'inflammation' in the tissue? Is hard to conceive that my foot is still healing after all this time?