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How Much Pain Is Normal

Posted by JohnB on 7/19/04 at 16:43 (155871)

6 1/2 weeks ago I had open reduction surgery on my right calcaneus (9 screws and support plate). I am supposed to start increased weight bearing, but I have severe heel and ankle pain. Not sure how much pain is normal, but I would think it should be less than what I'm experiencing. My physician has indicated that I'm doing fine, but I really have concerns that my injury may be more severe than I thought.

Re: How Much Pain Is Normal

Ed Davis, DPM on 7/19/04 at 18:30 (155886)

Broken heel bones are very painful. The amount of pain will be related to the extent of the injury and the amount of swelling that occurs. Be sure to elevate your foot as much as possible when not walking. Also, are you getting physical therapy?