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MRI showed nothing, but .........

Posted by Niels on 7/20/04 at 07:20 (155906)

After more than five years of foot pain and ESWT twice I just had an MRI and according to the doctor everything looks normal and fine !!?.

How can that be explained, when my feet are actually hurting ?

I have vey high arch, only little pain in the morning and most pain in the evening. The pain is where the plantar attaches to the heel, both on the inner and outer side.

Any suggestion on what to do now is much appreciated. I am considering new orthotics with more arch support. I havent tried the night splint, but i dont know if it will help when streching doesnt....


Re: MRI showed nothing, but .........

Pete on 7/20/04 at 15:03 (155929)

Exactly the same as me. Normal MRI, Nerve test, 2 eswt's,no 1st step pain, high arch. Frustrating. You will have seen John from MN's success with TFM on the other message boards, I'm currently looking for a similar practitioner near me. Good luck

Re: Hi Pete

Niels on 7/22/04 at 06:52 (156031)

thanks for your response.

I am afraid I dont understand your abreviations (MN and TMN)regarding John and I am not sure I know about John. Is it the guy who (also like me) has hallux limitus, and has been through surgery in his big toe ?

I am very interested in knowing more, so would be very glad if you could give me further info.

Tha past years I havent been much on this board, since it hasnt really helped and since the doctors often dont reply to my questions (just like this time and in 'real' life..).

How are you trying to get along ? Has anything helped you ?


Re: Hi again Pete

Niels on 7/22/04 at 08:33 (156041)

Just to let you know that I have now found and read the recent posts from John (both h and mn), so you dont have to explain to me.


Re: Hi again Pete

DavidW on 7/23/04 at 06:41 (156102)

Can you explain to me because I cannot find the posts. Sounds like interesting information.

Re: Hi again Pete

Niels on 7/26/04 at 06:34 (156247)

You just go to the Message BoBards and on to the first category listed. The you will find lots of posts by the two Johns.