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Balance Pads

Posted by john h on 7/20/04 at 11:05 (155915)

I have been using a Thera-Band balance pad during my PT for the past 5 weeks. I think these pads are really a worthwhile tool in exercising the foot and also increase your balance as well. They are used in rehab for knee and lower extremity injuries. I find as you try and balance on one of these you use every muscle both intrinsic and extrinsic in your foot and leg. I am ordering one. They come in three differnt firmness. the softer the more difficult. I am using the blue one. I do not know the cost but they are simply foam covered with some plastic material. I balance on each foot for 10 seconds (not that easy) for a series of 5. Below is the website. They have some other rehab devices you may find interesting: