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Preparing for Post Surgery Care

Posted by Darlene on 7/20/04 at 14:53 (155926)

I am planning to book surgery to have a Morton's Neuroma removed. I think I remember reading about a product that could be put under the mattress to keep the foot elevated at night. Does anyone have any ideas. Also, any advice about a good shower boot or other things that have helped you?

Thank you,


Re: Preparing for Post Surgery Care

Terri on 7/21/04 at 19:10 (156013)

Darlene, I don't know of a specific product designed to keep your foot elevated, I just used 1 or 2 pillows as needed. I gave up on showers and did baths after my surgery, just propped my foot up on the side of the tub and was good to go. To rinse off, I'd turn the shower on and keep my foot outside of the curtain just long enough to get the excess soap off and rinse my hair again. Somehow I managed to do this without getting water all over the floor. If you have a cast on that needs to be protected, I remember years ago using a bread bag with a thick rubber band at the top. Worked for me!

Re: Preparing for Post Surgery Care

Les on 7/21/04 at 21:16 (156017)

My husband stuck a plastic garbage bag over my cast and we attached it to my leg with gold 'ole 'duct tape'...worked like a charm. We also put a towel around the top edge of the bag and duct taped that over top of the edge of the bag to absorb any water. I had a shower chair that we kept from when my Mother-in-law came to visit a couple of years ago. It was cheaper to buy one when she came to visit than it was to rent one...We stuffed a sleeping bag between my mattress and box spring so my leg would be good and elevated in bed. I was also told to keep a pillow behind my knee.

Re: Les

Darlene on 7/22/04 at 12:31 (156056)

Thanks for the tips.
That duct tape on your leg much be as good as waxing :).

Re: Preparing for Post Surgery Care

Juby on 7/23/04 at 09:57 (156112)

Seal Tight is a GREAT product to cover your foot in the shower. They make then for short, medium and long leg conditions. I have used them many times and they have never leaked. I don't understand why doctors offices do not sale them. They are usually under $30.00. Good Luck, Juby:)

Re: Les

Les on 7/23/04 at 12:23 (156126)

We just taped the bag tight around, we didn't tape any skin. Thank goodness!

Re: Preparing for Post Surgery Care

Les on 7/23/04 at 12:27 (156127)

One other thing I forgot to mention. If you're going to be on crutches practice before your surgery. My dr. suggested I do this but I neglected to try the route from the car to the couch for the day I got home. I got to the door and realized I had a step to get up...and I hadn't practiced. I was pretty terrified I'd hurt myself. My husband piggy-backed me over it! His back will never be the same, ha!!