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need some help

Posted by sherrie m. on 7/21/04 at 08:20 (155956)

Hi, I need some help finding an over the counter orthotic for pf and sesamoiditis(metatarsalgia). I have been wearing over the counter orthotics or arch supports for around 5 years, i have had heel spur surgery and the eswt(which got rid of my heel pain) but now i am having forfoot pain which was diagnosed as sesamoiditis with tight flexor tendons in my big toes. I swithched the orthotics i was wearing and within a few days the pain shifted across the entire metatarsal area, metatarsalgia. I would like to find an over the counter othotic with a metatarsal arch already built in, any suggestions? Thanks

Re: need some help

DavidW on 7/21/04 at 09:41 (155958)

I believe that Hapad makes products for all kinds of foot ailments including metatarsalgia. Their products are cheap and you can search their website for products based on your foot sympotms. Go to http://www.hapad.com .

Re: need some help

Richard, C.Ped on 7/22/04 at 14:16 (156068)

Powersteps are a good OTC insert.