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Posted by cristina on 7/21/04 at 14:10 (155984)

am going in for bunion surgery tomorrow!!
am concerned about weakening of the foot....am i correct in understanding that bunions are also enlargements of the joints...in other words, by shaving my big toe bunion, will it weaken the bone, or merely or also reestablish the correct proportion...is it just a question of deformity??
would hate to lose my strong stance!!

Re: urgent!!

Ed Davis, DPM on 7/21/04 at 14:16 (155986)

There are over 20 different type of bunionectomies -- some offer greater correction than others. That is the type of question your surgeon needs to advise you on.

Re: urgent!!

cristina on 7/21/04 at 14:28 (155992)

thank you for your very quick response...and although i know that you cannot consult me personally as you have never seen my foot, i would merely like to know if the bone in question is seen in form of a 'bump' because of extra tissue that has grown--or is always a question of protrusion of the bone that exists...
thank you!!