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That bug did a number on my leg

Posted by Pauline on 7/21/04 at 15:22 (155998)

The verdict is in. I'm in for 8-10 weeks of healing time for a badly torn belly of the Gastrocnemius muscle and snapped Plantaris muscle in my right leg. You ask what happened to the bug that caused all this problem, well he lives on in a jar.

Love the new color of my leg and it had to happen just when I was going to ride with Lance. Sorry Dorothy he called to see how I was doing:* Yep that's Lance for ya.

He sure make riding up hill look easy, but I find myself always yelling at the fans to move off the road. Anyone else feel that way? Todays time trial I think was the worse day for fans in the road.

I worry that they will cost him the race or injury to him and the other riders. Some go pretty nuts with flags, running in the road and even attempting to touch the riders. Makes me very angry.

Re: That bug did a number on my leg

Dorothy on 7/21/04 at 23:53 (156021)

Yes, Pauline! The fans along the road are frightening. I'm surprised the riders don't demand some sort of better control of the crowd. Even if it is just simple encroachment, it is frightening and dangerous, but imagine some nut doing something terrible to deliberately wreak havoc! Lance has expressed some concerns about the Germans and what they might do, but the French have been openly hostile to him for several years,too. He is such a marvelous athlete and the Tour de France is such an amazing athletic event.

I must have missed earlier information because I didn't know you were injured. I'm sorry to hear that you have this going on. It sounds terrible! How are you feeling?? (sorry if that's a stupid question!) What are you doing for healing these two muscle injuries and what is the prognosis as far as future PF/Achilles problems and the like? What is the color of your leg that you mention? Well, I'm sorry for this bad turn of events, Pauline, and I hope you heal thoroughly and as quickly as possible. I would ask about the bug you mention, but I will take my own advice and search the messages - and save you the trouble. Mend well.

Re: That bug did a number on my leg

Kathy G on 7/22/04 at 08:33 (156042)


Sorry to hear about the bug bite. I, too, will do a search and see if you've referenced it on another board. My husband just finished ten days of Keflex for what they assume to be a spider bite. He came home from work one day with this giant welt between his eyes. He didn't even know he had it until I mentioned it. The next day, it was worse and along his cheek bone was hurting and the lymph node behind his ear was enormous and very sore. I could easily see the indication of a bite where the welt was but aside from being swollen, that area never hurt in the least.

He went to the doctor and he's pretty sure it was a spider bite. He actually prescribed two concurrent antibiotics but since my husband has stomach problems, he talked the doctor into letting him take them consecutively. He had gone golfing earlier in the day so he assumes something got him at the golf course. I keep kidding him that he's so numb, he just didn't feel the bite!

It's been about two weeks and there's still some residual redness but the swelling has gone down.

Hope you feel better soon. Guess you won't be sticking that leg into any of those spike heels about which John posted further down on the Board, huh? At least, not for a while!!

Re: That bug did a number on my leg

Kathy G on 7/22/04 at 08:49 (156045)

I did a search and come up with a thing. What kind of bug bit you, Pauline?

Re: That bug did a number on my leg

Pauline on 7/22/04 at 08:55 (156046)

I don't think you read the entire bug story. The bug didn't bit me, I was just trying to stomp out an Earwig that had fallen from a tissue that I held him in. He was on my screen door. When he hit the ground inside my house I decided he should die. Up until that time, I had plans to set the little guy free, but he changed all of that when he decided to wiggle free and fall on the kitchen floor. No bug hits my floor and gets away alive.

I attempted to stomp on him with the back of my heel and that's when all the damage was done to my leg. The little guy still lives because I was wearing running shoes and missed him in one of the openings of the tread on the bottom, but that stomp costed me big time. A trip to the ER and now 8 - 10 weeks healing time for torn muscle.

My husband set the little guy free last evening outside of course. I wanted to make him sit in the jar a little longer, but my husband said his near death experience and 2 days in a jar was a long enough punishment.

Re: That bug did a number on my leg

Pauline on 7/22/04 at 09:11 (156047)

Glad someone else feels the same way about the fans. I'd like to see them in back of barriors along the entire route, but that may be impossible.

I heard last eveing that some Germans did cause Lance some trouble, but I didn't actually see the encounter. Do you know what happened? I worry about these last few days? Personally I think someone is out to deliberately harm him and cost him the race.

We live in a different world and I think they are slow to pick up on that. These are not the fans of old I'm afraid. It's a great race and I love watching it.

As far as my leg, its just wrapped for now and elevated. I'm using heat for circulation and cold for swelling. I alternate and it seems to be working well. Anti-inflammatories seem enough to help the pain if I stay off the leg and I'm using Dr. Reynolds Jade cream on the brusing which pretty well covers the entire back of my leg.

I'm hopefully I won't be tied up for the full length of time. I'll be driving again ASAP, but right now I can't comfortably put weight on it and it's very tight. I tried tracing the alphabet with my foot to improve circulation and muscle tightness yesterday but it really hurt so maybe I have to wait a few more days. I'm not good at sitting.

Re: That bug did a number on my leg

john h on 7/22/04 at 12:41 (156058)

I saw an interview with Lance yesterday and he said the Germans were calling him names and cursing him all the way.

News: Israel has advised all Jews to leave France due to discrimination. There are approximately 700,000 Jews in France and in excess of 5 million Muslims. This sort of supprised me and I asked my Jewish friend and he said that France has been for decades the worst country in Europe in the treatment of Jews. What is this all aobut?

Re: That bug did a number on my leg

john h on 7/22/04 at 12:42 (156059)

bugs will inherit the earth.

Re: That bug did a number on my leg

john h on 7/22/04 at 12:44 (156060)

I do not bother the bugs and they do not bother me (except wasp who seem to hate me).

Re: That bug did a number on my leg

Kathy G on 7/22/04 at 14:02 (156064)


I apologize. I sure did miss the story! What a shame! I hope you feel better soon.

I seldom kill bugs; I just let them outdoors when I can, but like you, if I can't get them to leave; they're dead meat. I'll have to think twice, now, if I choose to stomp on one! I can see it happening.

My son, a true pacifist at heart, fishes with barbless hooks and always picks up bugs and lets them out through the window or door. He mentioned that he did that this Spring and someone got angry about it. When he questioned them, they said it was because he was letting one of those awful smelling ladybugs go free. We didn't have many of them in NH but where he lives in MA, they were abundant. I guess they look like regular ladybugs but when you step on one, they smell awful. Some people's yards are inundated with them.

He said all he knew was that when he was growing up, I always told him what good bugs ladybugs were for the environment so he's never killed one.

Imagine, he was getting in trouble for being nice to a ladybug!

P.S. Hey, where did our smiley faces go? It's probably just as well. Half the time when I try to use them, I lose my original post anyhow! But I did enjoy them!

Re: That bug did a number on my leg

Kathy G on 7/22/04 at 14:10 (156066)

This is interesting, John. I have long heard that the French didn't like Americans and this was way before the current war. But I wasn't aware that they didn't like Israelis. When I have a chance, I'll do some research on a news website and see what it's all about. Who, exactly, do they French like, I wonder?

Re: That bug did a number on my leg

Dorothy on 7/22/04 at 15:22 (156071)

John H - I just wrote a long post in response to the second part of your post (France question). I hit a wrong button and lost it all. I don't have the energy right now to recreate it but maybe later. I will just say this:
It was actually Ariel Sharon, Israel's P.M. who said that (French Jews should leave France and go to Israel) because of rising number of incidents of anti-Semitic acts in France (desecration of synagogues, Jewish cemeteries, grave markers). He was criticised by French Jews, by French govt spokespeople and by Israelis for his comments - although not 100% of any group. Overt anti-Semitism in France has risen in recent years and it has accompanied a growing population of (mostly North African) Muslims. Crime in France in general has risen dramatically along with housing projects for the huge influx of immigrants (legal and illegal) from Africa and largely North Africa. Many young, unoccupied, unassimilated, poor, uneducated Africans from a Muslim background living on the fringes of French cities, largely Paris but not only, are forming gangs and adopting the dress and other patterns of African-American 'gangsta'/rap 'culture'. France, of course, has its own home-grown long history of anti-Semitism - as does every country in Europe, regardless of which side they were on in WWII, as does the U.S., although not as violently expressed as Europe's. Israel and France (Sharon particularly) are in a lot of tension - France's support for Iran, for example, as well as the rise in anti-Semitic acts in France, and so on....
All very complex and convulated. But France has its internal problems that are not improving yet...
Who knows what all of Sharon's motives were for saying that. Probably one of them was genuine concern for Jewish safety in France, but he and Israel have unfathomable internal problems (even beyond the Palestinian issues), including population, immigration, employment etc etc etc etc.

Well, this post turned out to be long, too, but not as articulate as the lost one...(the one that got away is always bigger and better!)

Re: France

john h on 7/22/04 at 17:44 (156079)

My Jewish friends here in Little Rock seem to be up on all things Jewish and belong to many American Jewish organizations. When I asked them about this their hair almost stood on end and they clearly have ill feelings towards the French and it sounded like it predated WWII. They indicated to me Jews had more problems in France than anywhere in Europe. All this was a big supprise to me. I live only one block from the one large Jewish Temple. We have a very large family of very Orthodox Jews who walk by my house three times a week --Maybe 15 of them.. They are all dressed in black and have beards,hats, coats, and ties ever time I see them. They must walk for miles. The paper did a small article on them recently. They always speak when I am in the yard

Re: France

Dorothy on 7/22/04 at 20:37 (156085)

John H - Well, of course France has a long history of anti-Semitism. Do you remember, for just one example, what came to be known as the 'Dreyfuss affair'? I mean no offense to anyone here, but the Catholic Church's history is deplorable on this subject (and other things - have you read this week's news out of Austria, for example) and they have played a role in the tolerance, and at times outright encouragement, of anti-Semitism in France - Dreyfuss and the Catholic church's role in these attitudes predating WWII Then there's the Vichy government during WWII - that kind of willingness didn't spring from nothing. To be as fair as possible about France and Vichy and their collaboration - although it is very easy to judge harshly - we must remember the utter relentless hell that France had been through for years and years (WWI, depression, Nazi invasion). If you compare what they had been through - on their soil, and having really decimated two generations of their men - to how devastated this country has been by just two attacks that were small by comparison - then we might have some idea of how vulnerable France was to giving in to the Germans. That they mustered any will to resist and fight is amazing, after all they had been through. Still, France's hands have never, ever been clean; but neither are the U.S.'s at all. I'm sorry if this offends anyone, but it is the truth. Anti-Semitism has long, deep roots in Europe and in Eurasia - pogroms in Russia, for example, and the anti-Semitism in current Russia is very alarming as well as what is going on in France. Germany has seen some resurgence of anti-Semitic/neo-Nazi activity in some of its cities in the form of brutish, thuggery among skinheads, also directed at non-German immigrants (Germany has many Turkish immigrants, for example). We all need to be informed and very vigilant about these things, but we must extend our vigilance to all facets of the same kind of mentality: what is going on in Sudan now, for example. It is too easy for things to fall into a kind of cliche almost - the sentiment regarding the Holocaust is often expressed as 'we must never forget', the idea being that it must never happen again. The fact is that it HAS happened again and again and again and it's not that we forget; it's that we don't stop it. And as far as atrocities committed during WWII, we also must not forget what the Japanese did to the Chinese, for one example; and later what the Chinese did to their own people during the 'Cultural Revolution' which I think is one of the greatest eras of horror and abomination in human history. It is rarely referred to and is rarely discussed. I think that versions of 'Cultural Revolution' can easily happen again, and could happen in the U.S. even. It is a fearsome thought - and most people don't even know what the Cultural Revolution was - and it wasn't all that long ago.
Ok - I've gone on again. I must go now.

Re: That bug did a number on my leg

JudyS on 7/25/04 at 21:45 (156244)

Pauline - I couldn't help but think that you must have read the 'JudyS Book On Bug Killing....'!
I'm so sorry to hear about your injury and I hope you're cool and comfortable while you recuperate.

Re: That bug did a number on my leg

Suzanne D. on 7/26/04 at 19:52 (156309)

I'm sorry for your injury, Pauline, and hope that you mend quickly!

Suzanne :)