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cure for plantar fasciitis

Posted by YASO Chandran on 7/21/04 at 21:36 (156018)

Shortly after the delivery of my fifth son, I began to suffer from this condition. Since I was breast-feeding for two years, it was extremely painful every time I jumped out of bed . I continued to suffer for just over 5 years. Then I decided to give reflexology a try. It was a very painful 90 minute session, but the therapist was very considerate. By the time he had finished with me, the pian seemed to have minimised. And with the very next morning, it had COMPLETELY disappeared.

I had a recurrence of it in one heel just last month ie. after 6 years. I did my own reflexology, and cured myself.

Try it.

Re: cure for plantar fasciitis

lauriel on 7/23/04 at 15:43 (156140)

that is great news, what kind of refloxology do yo do?