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Thanks to Ann L, I found a marvelous money-saving website!

Posted by Kathy G on 7/22/04 at 18:32 (156081)

I am down to my last pair of Asics and my recent experience with a pair of Birks as well as two pairs of Josef Seibels has taught me that I wil, for the near future, be stuck wearing Asics with my orthotics. I did a search for Asics Cumulus which is the style I've been wearing for the past five years. I found it at Roadrunnersports.com for $60, which isn't too bad. The last ones I bought were only $30 each at efootwear.com because they were discontinued. I ordered the seven pairs they had and didn't expect to find anything that cheap again. I was lucky to find shoes that appear to be almost the same for only $60. I absolutely cannot wear shoes that have any motion control but I need a lot of cushioning so Asic must have designed these shoes with me in mind.

I did a search, saying 'Promotion Code for Roadrunner sports,' and came up with this nifty website, http://www.shoppersresource.com/sports.htm , which gave me a promotion for free shippping from Roadrunner. If you go to it, you'll see there are all kinds of promotions for different websites, not just shoe sites.

I'm a big coupon-user and I look at these promotions the same way. If they offer them, we're crazy not to take advantage of them!

So, thank you, Ann, for saving me the shipping and handling on four pair of running shoes! And pray that I can wear them because they're a slightly different design than the ones I'm wearing! At least if I have to return them, I'll only be paying the postage one way!

Re: That should be Anne, with an "E"! Sorry! NM

Kathy G on 7/22/04 at 22:09 (156088)

Re: Money-saving website!

Anne L on 7/23/04 at 03:49 (156098)


That is fantastic! Thank you for the note and for the website.

I wish that I had known better. When I bought some items from FootSmart, I thought that I was going to save more money from a 20% coupon while still pay for the hefty shipping costs.

When a couple of the foot products did not fit well with my PF, I sent those items back for a refund, paying for the return shipping. I found out that I lost money using the 20% coupon, instead of the safer Free Shipping coupon.

Also, to all online shoppers, always check the return policy of all online merchants prior to submitting an order. Some places charge restocking and handling fees for returns.

By the way, for returning U.S. domestic online purchases by mail, you can also save. If you have an Office Max (OM) or an Office Depot (OD) nearby, either store has sales circular coupons every couple of weeks for discounted Ground shipping (Airborne Express with OM and UPS with OD). The sales circulars are in your Sunday newspaper and are also available at the store entryways.

This week until July 24, there is a 50% off of U.S. domestic shipping coupon (saving up to $10) at OM. If the timing is right and/or if you can wait for the coupon, you can save on the return postage, which includes shipping insurance.

Here is a U.S.A. shipping costs comparison website (for approximate regular costs):

Good Luck with your order and with the running shoes!

Re: Coupon Clipper Schedule 2004

Anne L on 7/23/04 at 23:35 (156172)


The site below has the 2004 U.S. National Sales Circular Coupon Schedule for the Sunday newspapers. I am not sure which newspaper in your area carries these coupons.


In my area, the Sunday newspaper in on sale with a Sunday date on the previous Saturday morning. The edition is the Early Edition of the Sunday paper. These Early Edition Sunday papers also come in discounted two-packs. So, people can get an extra set of newspapers and coupons to share.

It has become a Saturday ritual to read the Sunday ads to see whether sale prices are better for the current week ending Saturday evening or whether sale prices are better for the next week starting on Sunday. Great fun while resting the feet to prepare for power-shopping.

Re: Coupon Clipper Schedule 2004

Kathy G on 7/26/04 at 10:20 (156265)


What a neat site! We have only two supermarkets in our town. One of them could have a goldmine. It's a small family-owned and operated chain and due to some infighting in the family, the have let the markets go downhill. They have much lower prices than the other market, which is part of a very large, English-owned company. The latter does double coupons up to ninety-nine cents so sometimes that's a good deal. But the other isn't supersized, which is nice for sore feet, and if they just wouldn't be out of their specials or actually still have items, like yogurt, on the shelf after it's 'sell by' date, they'd blow the other one away.

Years ago, when I was home with my children, a group of us had a little coupon-trading club. We'd meet every few weeks and trade coupons and even UPC's. One of the women was really into it and she and her husband even went on trips with the money she saved. That was when most of the coupons didn't require you to buy two of each product.

My father-in-law owned a little convenience store and he would take the coupons out of the Sunday papers that didn't sell and give them to me. I really saved a great deal of money. In those days, we had four supermarkets in town and they really competed for business, so the consumer realy benefitted.

Our papers just come out on Sunday, as far as I know, but you're right, it's rewarding to figure out where you're going to shop and which coupons you'll use.