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John MN, Goose and Place. Is there anyway we can learn TFM??

Posted by Marty in SLC on 7/23/04 at 20:15 (156166)

I'm hoping that DR Sandel will help us out if possible and tell us what to look for in the Fascii and how to break it down.

Can you guys somehow tell what he's doing and pick his brain on this for us all please.

I can't fly that far so I have got to find someone here Haa haa or try it myself but maybe on a biggest scale it will turn into something on this board like ESWT and TTS has. Those haven't always been on this board. Maybe sure ScottR is looking on.


Re: John MN, Goose and Place. Is there anyway we can learn TFM??

Place on 7/24/04 at 09:14 (156183)

A couple weeks ago, someone posted that they were trying TFM on themselves and it was working. In general he finds the scar tissue and starts rubbing, very deeply. If you can ID the scar tissue yourself you might want to give it a try. The no pain, no gain rule applies. It never fails that he will be scanning my foot and finds the most tender spot and start digging away. The Graston technique is similar in concept, you might want to contact them (some where in Indiana) and find a provider in your area. They have a registry of all who has gone through the program. I had my Graston Dr. In Cleveland fix my knee problem in one visit. So I feel that there is some validity in this technique. Do I think the Graston is better than Dr. S.? No, but it is a ok substitute. The other thing, if you can afford it is to come out for just a day or two to get a feel of what it is. One thing that is unique about Dr. S is that he has a great rehab program, he has the whole picture in mind (not just a specialist narrow perspective) and is willing to take the time to work with you.