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Neurontin in Transdermal Format

Posted by Darlene on 7/23/04 at 20:40 (156168)

Has anyone tried neuronton in a transdermal format directly over the area of pain? This may eliminate some of the side effects of taking it systemically.

Re: Neurontin in Transdermal Format

chrisb on 7/24/04 at 08:22 (156182)

Darlene I was prescribed a neurontin cream (pharmacist had to make it specially) last year. I tried rubbing it on my tarsal tunnel area. It had no effect for me, but that doesn't mean it wouldn't for anyone else. I've never taken neurontin orally so can't compare.

Re: Neurontin in Transdermal Format

john h on 7/24/04 at 09:28 (156184)

I tried Neurontin and only used it for two days because it gave me a spaced out feeling. I was just trying it for foot pain and not just TTS pain. As we all know various drugs help some and not others.

Re: Neurontin in Transdermal Format

Marty in SLC on 7/24/04 at 16:00 (156204)


I was spacy for about 4 months on the stuff but now I have it down pretty good.