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ALMOST CURED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by MollyH on 7/23/04 at 22:20 (156170)

Hi all-
I have had PF for almost 2 years went through taping, cortisone injections, night splints, Physical therapy 2 ESWT treatments, etc. and I am finally getting better! I used to post fairly often but, I haven't for about 9 months. Yes, I am actually running 1 mile and 1/2 right now.( I used to run 25 miles a week) I have to say that the one thing that made my feet feel even better are the Saucony 3d Grid Hurricane shoes. I am almost flat footed,and I wear orthotics.
Am I still in pain yes, sometimes but, a lot of times I'm not. I was going to post when I was completly pain free but, when I saw the Saucony shoe post I couldn't resist!
Anyway good luck to all of you and if anyone has questions for me please ask!


Re: ALMOST CURED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Steve G on 7/23/04 at 22:35 (156171)

Good to hear Molly; I remember posting with you about ESWT. I know that at one point you were getting pretty discouraged, particularly before your second round of ESWT. I hope you continue to improve and that you are soon pain free

Re: ALMOST CURED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MollyH on 7/23/04 at 23:55 (156173)

Hi Steve,
Yes your right, I was pretty
discouraged for a LONG time. I think ESWT helped alot (and I would recommend it) but, it definitely did not cure me.
I friend of mine recently told me that my feet were controlling my life. Well that's how I used to feel but, not anymore! :)
How are you doing with your feet Steve?

Re: ALMOST CURED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

john h on 7/24/04 at 09:30 (156185)

Good news Molly. My wife has always controlled my life in one way or another. Even the feet seemed to take second fidler to her.

Re: Molly

Steve G on 7/24/04 at 10:32 (156196)

I, too, am much better these days. I would say that I am about 70-80% improved. I think the ESWT was a definite benefit. I have, of course tried everything over the last two years - splints, weight loss, orthodics, etc, etc.

Re: Molly

DavidW on 7/26/04 at 08:04 (156249)

I am glad to see that you guys are feeling better and this gives me encouragement. But I have a question. What do you feel has contributed the most to your getting better and having less pain? What do you feel has contributed the least. Do you think that just the fact that several years has gone by that your feet just slowly healed themselves?

Any info would be great.....thanks.

Re: Molly

john h on 7/26/04 at 10:12 (156262)

From what I observe David 'TIME' is the one thing that most people who get better have in common. All try many things with varying results but in the long haul everyone does seem to get better if not cured in time. . I once read (no kidding) that in any event PF nearly always goes away after about 10 years! Well, I am only about 1 year away from that magic moment but not holding my breath. We have had people on this board who have been in a wheelchair for over a year. Some who appeared to be on the verge of suicide, people who lost their jobs and marriages that ended in divorce.. My first year with PF was without a doubt one of the worst years of my life as I gave up every activity that had been a major part of my life. This board sure provided me with the hope I needed. I still have PF but I am one h--- of alot better than 9 years ago. There has never been anything that I would not try except a fascia release and that has cured many people and has made a few worse..

Re: Molly

MollyH on 7/26/04 at 22:28 (156316)

I think John is right that time is probably the biggest factor but, also being consistent ex. always stretching at least 2x per day and especially after biking, (or now running :) wearing good shoes (running shoes) if I am going shopping or any place where I'll be on my feet longer than normal. Doing the strenghtening exercises.
If I had to guess what helped me the most I would say ESWT and new orthotics. The least... those cortisone injections they did not help me 1 bit! I had it done to both feet 2 times I even got 'steroid flare' which my Dr. told me that meant the shot would probably be successful!
Anymore qustions, just ask!