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Clinic notes from Doctor! Please read DR. ED DAvis

Posted by John Martello on 7/24/04 at 17:39 (156209)

Dr Davis,

As you know my situation (FHL/FDL tenosynovitis) has been chronic pain from the inside ankle area, only with NO numbness or tingling just pain that is constant but more prounounced upon weighbearing. I caanot stand for long periods of time.

His notes indicate ' Tenosynovectomy of the FHL and FDL and possible repair of the tendons. Note My MRI did not show a tear, but did show tenosynovitis of these tendons. Also a tarsal tunnel release.


1. Is this a rare type of surgery and do you think it could make me worse or just no better?

2. I have NO numbness or tingling, just pain. Is it possible to develop these additional problems following surgery? I was told the post tib nerve is big enough and it would not be cut.

3. I am only 33 and it is effecting my life, because i am miseable with this pain. Realistically what are my chances of succsss with this surgery?

4. What is the recovery time? Weeks, months???

Can you think of anyhing else I can try conservativley besides the orthotic yoiu reeccommednd , but didnt help?

Thank you

Re: Clinic notes from Doctor! Please read DR. ED DAvis

Ed Davis, DPM on 7/26/04 at 10:41 (156267)

The tendon procedures have a good chance of helping. Tarsal tunnel surgery is about 2/3 effective so you need to be sure that that is something you must have. Has TTS been confirmed by nerve conduction velocity tests (NCV)?

Re: Clinic notes from Doctor! Please read DR. ED DAvis

John Martello on 7/26/04 at 18:41 (156299)

Dr ED,

My NCV test was done by a neurologist and he determined that i was having minimal irritation to the post tib nerve, but not full blown tarsal tunnel syndrome. He seems to predict that i have more of the tenosynovitis of the FHL/FDL tendons instead. Can the tendon procedure be performed without having a tarsal tunnel release? The pain is localized and is below the medial malleous inside ankle bone. The Fhl/fdl is inside the tunnel as is where my pain is localized. Risky surgery?

Also what do you think about a Arizona anjkle brace for my condition?