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An interesting read

Posted by Pauline on 7/25/04 at 12:59 (156232)


The tool that looks like brass knuckles can be purchased in plastic. I purchased one and an additional one that has only a single nob.

If I remember correctly I ordered them in the Road Runner Sports Mag. I don't know if they still carry them or not. I used them to apply pressure to sore areas for circulation.

Re: An interesting read

Place on 7/25/04 at 17:34 (156238)

Your discription of the tool sounds like the one Dr. S uses.

Re: An interesting read

Pauline on 7/25/04 at 19:00 (156239)

If you do a search under massage aids or knobs I think you will find pictures and order sheets for these products. I don't think they are anything special, but they help to add pressure to sore locations.

They are a tool which allows one to put extra pressure in one or multiple areas and can be used anywhere on the body.