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Taping - so confused

Posted by DavidW on 7/26/04 at 09:02 (156252)

I have been taping my feet daily for several months now, and I feel that it is helping to slowly reduce the pain in my feet. I have been taping using Scott's advice from this website, which I think is simple and easy to do myself. As I browse the web, there seem to be so many different opinions on taping that it makes me question what is the easiest, most effective way to tape for PF pain relief and healing? The advice out there is so contradictory that it leads to confusion. If anyone has any advice, I would be glad to hear it. Unless I hear otherwise, I am going to use Scott's method.

Re: Taping - so confused

john h on 7/26/04 at 10:02 (156261)

David if Scott's method works for you then stick with it. I found anything that took more than a couple of minutes and I would not do it so I adapted Julies two strip method some years ago. There is not much any of us post that is not contradictory. That is the nature of PF in that what helps one causes another pain. Confusion is the order of the day and if you become unconfused about PF then is the time to look for some real help.

I recently purchased a camcorder and will have the capability to place some movies (quicktime) on a website which you can access. When I get this going I will take a movie of the simple two strip mehtod as a picture is worth a thousand words. I may eve show you my PF surgery scar, TTS scar,and Cheilectomy scar. I posted some pictures a couple of years ago of the two strip method. They were on a web page which I posted the URL.I do highly recommend Leuko Tape for taping.