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scare tissue

Posted by raymond m,l. on 7/26/04 at 11:13 (156270)

its been 2 months from open planter release i was told by 3 doctors i have a intraped nerve from scare tissue from surgery no im massaging the incision 4 or more times a day and light strecthes for calf now how long do i wait till i get a shot to break up scare tissue ? please let me know as my docs on vacation for a month

Re: scare tissue

Tanveer Asghar on 7/26/04 at 15:32 (156282)

I have been told that my nerves have been trapped from scar tissue resulting from surgery of the plantar fas. I also have a lot of heel pain and pain along the side of my foot. I have been dealing with this pain for a long period of time and I would appreacite any kind of suggestion you can give me. Thank you. My email address is (email removed)