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Matters of the Mind - My Solution To PF

Posted by Carlos N. on 7/26/04 at 18:19 (156297)

Dear friends, many of you are familiar with my PF history. I've been suffering from PF for over a decade now. I've seen many doctors and in the last 8 months I've given my all to find a cure from this insidious pain. The conservative treatments did help curb some of the pain and a new pair of custom orthotics and physical therapy helped, too. However, the true nature of my PF came from anxiety and tension in my life. Constant worry caused the burning and pain in my feet and shins. After leaving my stressful job and going into a near Zen Buddhist state for nearly 30 days now, I feel awesome. My pain is nearly gone now that I've learned to relax my muscles in my body and I've stopped worrying enough to be able to walk and enjoy life again. Best of all, I'm starting to laugh and I see a great future for myself.

Although many will refute my testimonial on this board, but I think that many folks could benefit from reading Dr. Sarno's, 'healing back pain. It was recommended to me and it has improved my life dramatically. This may not be the cure all for everyone, but I think my suffering is similar to others on this board and so many illnesses are related to troubles in our minds. I continue stretching a bit to increase my flexibility and range of motion, and I wear my custom orthotics but I hardly ever worry about my feet now. It's a great feeling and I hope that other folks will benefit from reading this post.

If you've tried everything and nothing seems to help and the doctors can't find a solution for you, then make an effort to explore the possibility of finding resolution through your mind. Our minds are incredibly powerful and have a tremendous ability in healing us.

Good luck to everyone!

Re: Matters of the Mind - My Solution To PF

celiac on 7/26/04 at 18:56 (156302)

Carlos, I'm so happy for you, and I do agree that the power of the mind is a strong thing! This will be my 6th year with PF and I've tried all that you can imagine! I work at a law office and I notice that when I'm stressed out and have all these timelines I have to meet, my tension shoots directly into my feet! I start to worry about all the running around I'll have to do to complete my mission, and it completely takes a toll on me. Even though I have three pairs of shoes at work, my feet feel like balloons by the end of a busy day. If I don't think about my pain and my day is so-so, I catch myself going through almost half my workday without experiencing any pain. Is it psychosematic? I need to read that book because I bought it a long time ago when I was on my 2nd or 3rd year with PF, but couldn't motivate myself to read at all! I used to fall asleep after just reading a paragraph! Now, I'll have to find that book in one of my boxes and focus on everything he has to say because I agree with you. The mind plays a big roll with our daily routine! If I didn't have a mortgage and car payment, I WOULD QUIT MY JOB RIGHT NOW!!!

Re: Matters of the Mind - My Solution To PF

Carlos N. on 7/26/04 at 20:05 (156311)


Yes, it's psychosomatic. Also consider seeing a therapist if you can't find the emotional distress that affects you.

Best of luck to you,


Re: Matters of the Mind - My Solution To PF

john h on 7/27/04 at 10:01 (156335)

Carlos I certainly would not refute your results. I spent two years in Thailand and have been to the caves where Monks sometimes go for over a year just to medidtate. I watched a program on the History channel recently where some medical researchers from some prestegious universities did some studies on Monks who had achieved one of the higher states. They could on command lower their body temperature,heart rate, and blood pressure. We probably have not begin to tap into the powers of self healing. Unfortunately, not everyone can or has the time to be able to achieve these incredable states of body and mind control. I have Dr. Sarno's tapes and I still have not listened to them but it is on my list. I did read one of his books several years ago.

Re: Matters of the Mind - My Solution To PF

Marty from SLC on 7/27/04 at 10:52 (156339)


I know what you mean because sometimes when I'm outside doing yard work with the birds singing and stuff the next thing i know it's time to going in and eat, like 4pm or so and my feet were never on my mind at all! i think to myself why????, why didn't they take over my day like they always do. sometimes i wonder how much in in the mind. the same thing happens to me when I'm on vacation for a week to my favorite lake on my boat.


Re: Matters of the Mind - My Solution To PF

Sherrry on 7/27/04 at 11:08 (156341)

Dear Carlos,

My first time with pf ended partly due to dropping deeper into my emotions.
I have a post on my pf where I talk about this. I have no doubt that emotions play their role in the body. All for now - need to go.


Re: Matters of the Mind - My Solution To PF

celiac on 7/28/04 at 15:56 (156401)

You're so right with that because just last year I went to Italy and was able to tour around Rome by foot for 12 hours! Every now and then I would make sure I'd stretch and sit, but I didn't suffer nor complained. Actually, the two whole weeks we were there, I did not complain at all! What I do now if I want to go for a power walk or a short run, I psyche myself out (maybe this isn't good with my PF). I force my brain to not think about my feet and focus on another part of my body and it works. The pain goes away! I once tried wearing a rubberband around my wrist and whenever I felt a discomfort in my feet I would snap that rubberband to cause pain along my wrist and see if my brain would shift, but I ended up with not only pain in my feet, but a painful, red wrist. HA!!!

So I'll put this to the test. Next month I'll be going to New York and I'll try to not focus on my foot pain, but just a fun vacation....