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Blood clot and ESWT?

Posted by John H. on 7/27/04 at 10:42 (156336)

Here's the story. I've had PF for about 18 months. I've done all of the standard treatments. (shots, orthotics, stretching, removable cast, hard cast, etc) After removal of the hard cast in Oct. of last year I developed a bloood clot from the groin to about mid calf. I have been on treatment to desolve it for the past 9 months. The clot is getting a lot smaller, now only in lower leg and behind the knee.It has not hardened and become part of the vein wall. It also is not completly closed. I have restricted blood flow. I need to stay on the coumadin for at least a few more months maybe longer. The PF is worse than ever.The doctor told me she would allow me to come off for 5-6 week to take care of the PF and some dental work I need done but that she would want me back on counadin as soon as I could. Now my questions:

1. Would having a blood clot be a major problem as it relates to ESWT?

2. How soon after ESWT could I return to coumadin?

3. Would history of resent blood clots rule out surgery (PF realease)?

Thanks for any help,
John Haines

Re: Blood clot and ESWT?

John from MN on 7/27/04 at 10:53 (156340)

Has your doctor mentioned anything about a change in your diet as a possible cause of the blood clot? Thats the first place I would start.

Re: Blood clot and ESWT?

John H. on 7/27/04 at 13:11 (156348)


Yes, I watch the diet very closely. Blood work every 2-4 weeks to monitor the coumadin levels. It's just slow to clear up.They are pretty sure the clot was brought on by the cast restricting the blood flow and the inactivity.


Re: Blood clot and ESWT?

Pauline on 7/27/04 at 16:23 (156359)

I'm not a doctor, but if I were you I'd wait until the blood clot is gone before adding fuel to this fire. I'm not even certain a doctor would perform the treatment knowing you have a blood clot.

As you know they are nothing to fool with. My advice clear the clot it's the most important thing right now and one that you won't have to worry about if it's completely gone.

If you prioritize your health conditions I think you'd have to put this one and your dental work ahead of ESWT for P.F.

Why not consider working with your doctor and dentist together to take care of the dental work if that is absolutely necessary and wait on the ESWT, that may or may not help your P.F., until the clot is completely gone.

If your dental work can wait I'd wait on that too. Just my 2 cents.

My Medical Disclaimer:
I am not a doctor and the above post is my personal opinion. Anyone suspecting a blood clot or being treated for one and seeking additional medical treatment such as ESWT or surgery for treating P.F. should seek the advice and clearance of their personal physician.

Re: Blood clot and ESWT?

john h on 7/28/04 at 09:51 (156381)

This post was not made by me (the original John H). Is there a new John H on the board? I do not watch my diet very closely and have no blood clot.

Re: Blood clot and ESWT?

john h on 7/28/04 at 09:54 (156382)

john haines or John H: I think people will start to get our post confused. I a also john h and have been posting for a long time. It may clear confusion if you had a middle initial. thanks.

Re: Blood clot and ESWT?

John H. on 7/28/04 at 11:20 (156384)

Yes, this is a new John H. John Haines from Norfolk, VA.